The Gamers Pub, Episode 18

Guess what guys? This week we have not one guest but two! Ron Workman from joins us and towards the end of the show we are also joined by JVB from So sit back and enjoy this double show of The Gamers Pub.

Topics Include:
What we are drinking
Whats being played this week
Capcom: our business model allows us to discount Xbox 360's
80GB PS3 dead, 120-160GB with DualShock 3 is Coming
Skype now out on PSP
XBLA download limit causing SSF2T:HD Remix problems
Mark Rein about UT3 User Mods on Xbox360
First impressions, Turok
90% of US DS games are pirated
The Gamers Pub drinking game
Listener mail
The Penny Arcade Expo
All this and more

Intro song by the band BIG WIG check them out at Outro Songs: Ordinary and South Union, Artist: Lucky Boys Confusion

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