Dead or Alive 5 Complete Achievements List

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore point.Total Achievements including Secret achievements are 48 to Achieve.Check the list below.

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CaptainCamper2054d ago

People play DOA for achievements? There was me thinking it was just for the...Do I even need to say it?

Great list nonetheless :D

RuleNumber52054d ago

48? Love that amount of achievements!

takohma2054d ago

I will accept all the disagrees with the statement I'm about to say. This simple game holds nothing to Tekken. Whats the creator name? I remember him saying he didnt need to make anymore Dead or Alive's because he said it was already the best 3D fighter ever.

ok I'm done let the disagrees begin lol.....

AngelicIceDiamond2054d ago

While both Tekken and DOA have realistic fighting style mechanics. DOA's execution and smart/balanced gameplay makes for a more realistic experience than Tekken.

in terms of customization and online yeah Tekken will have the upper hand in that definitely.

takohma2054d ago

Tekken has been balanced for a long time. Only T4 was ever unbalanced. DoA/s gameplay wasnt too smart when you can counter everything and win. And the timing for countering in DoA is way too easy. Where in Tekken you had a more strict timing to parry anything. I like DoA but its not very competitive.

gamerguru1112054d ago

Well Play a match n Achievement looks gay whats so hard to achieve in it achievements should be hard to get
Am i right ?