Top 5 games of September you Must buy -Gamers-Expert

The month of September is also excited for the gamers.Some of the exciting titles are coming to PC Platform this month to keep your upcoming winter bit warm to enjoy hot eating stuff while you enjoying your games.

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Lucretia2051d ago

Gimme DOA5 now!!!! me and my fiance need it!

IWentBrokeForGaming2051d ago

I wouldn't mind DOA or Far Cry!

ChunkyLover532051d ago

Doesn't look like I'll be buying much, if anything this month. Nothing really catching my fancy, guess I'll just set aside some money for October and November, there are so many games coming out then, I'll probably still have to play them into 2013.

Xof2051d ago

lol, seriously. Especially for the Vita, which gets absolutely nothing-of-merit from the middle of June all the way to the end of October... but as soon as Oct. 31/Nov.1 hits, it gets a ton of stuff.

Kinda crazy how they feel the need to jam-pack the holiday line-up no matter the cost... which in this case is/was five months of no games.

You'd think Sony would be a bit more sensitive to no games.

BrianC62342051d ago

The Vita gets LBP Vita in late September. That's a pretty big game.

jghvhv2051d ago

Just Borderlands 2 for me.That'll keep me going until PokemonB2W2 land in October.

jghvhv2051d ago

So you're saying a game like Borderlands 2 won't last me 3 weeks? Jesus,how hard did your mama drop you.

Blastoise2051d ago

Just silently waiting for the Dark Souls DLC....*Sigh*

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