The 5 Greatest Gamer Temper Tantrums

We all get pissed off at some point or another playing video games. No one likes to die, even in a video game. While some of us choose to stop playing to take a breather when gaming frustration sets in, others will do just about anything short of head-butting straight through their TV. Here are GamerHelp's picks for the funniest, most ridiculous videos of gamers losing their cool while playing various games.

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DarkSniper3816d ago

1. The melodramatic rants and complaints of Xbox slaves when their beloved Xbox Live service goes down for the 5th time in 7 days.

2. The faces of Microgirls when PS3 outsells the XBOX 360 on the NPD reports. Xbots across the world all idiotically scream out "ATTACH RATE" in complete and idiotic unison.

3. The look of fear and doubt when Playstation Home is brought up in an Xbox live conversation. The tears and fear come drooling down their faces is complete concern and worry that this is the end of their reign

4. 1 Red Ring of death turns into two and then furthermore ends up being over 6 defective XBOX consoles being issued to one customer. This is enough to drive a logical gamer nuts, but the Microslave faithful will blindly send their system back for the 7th time just as they were programmed to do.

5. The looks on faces when XBOX Live memberships run out at exactly the wrong time of the year without notice. You're forced to NOT play online until you pay a monetary amount to renew your subscription.

But the bright side is that Xbots still have their attach rate claim to hang on to right?


DarkSniiper3816d ago

The PofS3 can't stand a chance to the Xbox 360. Sorry for the above comment, PMSing today. Game on, Jump in, Xbox 360 FTW!!!


chrno63816d ago

u created an account just to hijack darksniper...that's sad.

Quickstrike3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

seriously its rigged. I hit the damn notes and it shows that I'm not. I also get a 2X multiplyer and the rock meter just goes down, not up for hitting them :( A friend of mine got to the last note, his rock meter was in the deep red, and he missed it causing him to lose XD

RecSpec3815d ago

About TTFAF, some people said the same thing about Jordan in GHII. But someone has FC'd that song, so it is definitely possible. Either way, if you are able to get that good, why don't you just buy a real guitar.

Kyrue3816d ago

The German kid's tantrum is the funniest in my opinion. I've been sooooo mad while playing Counter Strike, and can relate to his rage haha.

EastCoastSB3816d ago

Wow, I needed this, freaking hilarious.

@the Halo Freak: He gives the Halo/Live community a bad name, sometimes they're funny to screw around with, other times they completely turn me off from playing on Live.

Mattearl3816d ago

You guys take gaming WAY too serious sometimes. That kid the "Punches" his TV was so damn funny... i was laughing my ass off. as he slams his door shut! haha.

Okay okay.. i get pissed too... but i don't get that bad. i jut flip off the TV.

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The story is too old to be commented.