Treyarch behind new Bond game, OXM interviews Daniel Craig!

The Bizarre Creations rumours put to rest as Treyarch's website confirms Bond game

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Silverwolf3759d ago

Developing COD5? I can only hope.....

socomnick3759d ago

Treyarch is also doing cod 5.

InYourMom3759d ago

Let's hope they don't emphasis that they scanned in the actual James Bond suit from the films to have an ultra-realistic look while the whole game looks like a Xbox1 game(ala Call of Duty 3).

sak5003759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

As they say, there goes the neighborhood. Lets hope they don't destroy this franchise.

Maldread3759d ago

I would rather have Bizarre do a bond game than Treyarch, but than again i would rather have Treyarch over another EA bond game, so not all is bad i guess.

Hope it`s a FPS though.

jay23759d ago

It's based on Bond 22, AKA Quantum of Solace, it's runing on the COD4 engine.