GamePro's Gears of War 2 coverage 'complete nonsense'

Destructoid suppose a great way to sell magazines would be to make wild claims on your cover about sequels to blockbuster games. It seems that's what GamePro did, when they decided to put "Gears of War 2" right underneath the words "special report" on the cover of their next magazine.

Images of the cover appeared on the Internet a few days ago, causing wild speculation and unnecessary excitement about an impending announcement. In a post on the official Epic Games forums, President Mark Rein calls the long-running videogame magazine out.

"It is completely nonsense," he writes. "We have not announced a sequel to Gears of War to GamePro or anyone else for that matter."

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Sez 3850d ago

not saying that gamepro is right or anything. but this isn't the first time mark reins lied about a game in development. remember UT3 for the 360. he said countless times that they haven't started on the 360 version. only to find out it's been worked on all this time. i think i will wait for GDC to see who's telling the truth.

marinelife93850d ago

Mark didn't say they aren't working on it. He is just stating they haven't announced anything to anyone after fans kept asking about it on the message boards.

I'm sure they want to get things worked out with MS over Unreal Tournament III first and get it out the door before they start releasing a new Gears that could hurt the sales of UT3 for the 360.

BulletToothtony3850d ago

and for that reason i believe that a GeOW2 will be coming out, but with UT3 still coming out this year, it's hard to imagine that they will be coming out with "2" titles THIS year,

on the other hand i don't see a reason why he would deny or lie that GamePro has some special news, if they had truly talked to them then Mark Rein wouldn't had denied it, it would be very stupid, GamePro just wants to sell some more magazines that's all, again i believe we're gonna have to wait till GDC or E3 to hear something, i'm sure Microsoft wants to hold some surprises, because if they announce everything b4 hand it's gonna be a dissaster of a show.

They need some big trailers to fight against MGS4 alone, so i think something will be said in the next few months, but not thru a magazine

Jdaco63850d ago

So he says 'we have not announced' but does not say it is not true as such, interesting!

chester3850d ago

is anyone else getting sick of mark rein, or is it just me?

BulletToothtony3850d ago

very down to earth guy.. someone as irritating as adam sessler it's a different story.. Mark it's just a normal guy..

Marceles3850d ago

I don't know...I think he's in the same boat with Kojima where he's just tired of people trying to make up news that he hasn't personally reported to the media.

Lord_Ash3850d ago

No I think Mark is fine, and he's interviews aren't as boring as most developers.

DarkSniper3850d ago

This is probably because Epic Games are still righteously disgruntled about Microsoft's refusal to add user content on Unreal Tournament 3. This means that Gears of War 2 will be announced for PLAYSTATION® 3 later this year.

At least now, the gaming community will now see how the Gears of War games were meant to be played with the superior hardware infastructure of PLAYSTATION® 3.


DarkSniiper3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

sorry, I take that back, the Xbox 360 is the best console for gaming on really, I just have cramps.

The PofS3 is just that, a Piece of Sh!t x 3


IntelligentAj3850d ago

I read Game Informer anyway but it is funny that he said they didn't announce it instead of saying they're not working on it at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.