DMC4 accomplishments are intriguing

Article from PS3fanboy-

"We've been happily playing Devil May Cry 4 for a wee while now (check out our review and awesome series retrospective) and whilst doing so we noticed something a little strange about the game's accomplishment system. It's not the first multiplatform game to include the Xbox 360 achievements inside the PS3 version, by any means, though it is the first to allow players to check out their online accomplishment rankings as well as check out exactly which individual accomplishment goals their friends have achieved."

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pwnsause3701d ago

obviously, it sounds like Home Code is already preloaded into the game. so, the differences between the 360 and PS3 version has lessened.

Bazookajoe_833701d ago

I dont bother with them on my 360 so im not gonna bother with them on my ps3..

DFresh3701d ago

PS3 rocks!
F*** Xbox!

meepmoopmeep3701d ago

now all the time i put into Uncharted will be rewarded at Home... and DMC4 too... sweet

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The story is too old to be commented.