Intel's eight-core Skulltrail platform ahead of the game

Intel let a variety of tech enthusiast sites run wild with benchmarks today showing off its forthcoming eight core desktop platform, code-named Skulltrail. You can get eight-core computing already in the form of Apple's Mac Pro or a pair of Intel Xeon 5400 processors, but Skulltrail marks the first eight-core platform we've seen aimed at both high-end workstation computing as well as PC gaming. The Skulltrail motherboard not only supports two CPUs, but it also supports both Nvidia's SLI and ATI's Crossfire multi-graphics card standards. The problem is that for all of Skulltrail's power, PC gaming isn't quite ready for it. And a better eight core solution could be right around the corner.

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sak5003850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

You beat me to it, i was about to post this story. NOw only if the next gen consoles can utilize this kind of setup without the overheads of huge o/s like xp or vista to bog it down.

I think i will design it myself :P

Edit: BTW my story is actually the review of this board.

Lord Anubis3850d ago

ah sorry, it has happened to me. I use Sage to stay update on every RSS feed.

IntelligentAj3850d ago

Is it just me or are multi core processors getting a little out of hand?

Lord Anubis3850d ago

yes, the keep adding core with out much innovation especially intel they just keep merging their processors to beat AMD.

Fezthebest3850d ago

devs haven't even fully utilized quad core yet and now they want 8 core with two CPU's uhhhh

bootsielon3850d ago

Maybe by holiday season there will be 16 cores per processor, I'd love it.

DeadlyFire3850d ago

I believe this platform is going to fall face first. Sure its all powerful, but its going to be more expensive than latest High-End desktop. So why bother? Only reason I would see to bother with this platform is if it will be priced at reasonable price and be very flexible and allow more than just 8 core (2 quad chips). Perhaps if it supports 8 core or 16 core chips as well. Then I will be happy.

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