Over 8 minutes of Nariko and Sir Daniel Fortesque PSASBR Gameplay

DualShock Nexus: During PAX Prime 2012 I was able to get some hands on time with the latest build of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. I was eager to try out two of SuperBot's latest character reveals. Check out over 8 minutes of Nariko and Sir Daniel Fortesque PAX Prime gameplay right here.

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DaThreats2087d ago

Nariko <3
Why u no make Heavenly Sword 2?

Godchild10202087d ago

Maybe a launch title for PS4.

Kratoscar20082087d ago

Pretty please? If DMC results a hit it might come true.

smashcrashbash2087d ago

Hopefully this game will be the gateway to making new series for some of these characters.

Trenta272087d ago

I still don't know how I feel about this game...

DirtyLary2087d ago

I have high hopes. This is my big release of the year.

Derekvinyard132087d ago

in the same boat trent, i mean it looks fun but it looks all to familiar to pick up for $60, plus the fact that you wont need to unlock the characters is a letdown

JellyJelly2087d ago

It looks chaotic in a braindead way. Buttonmashing with triggered events.

Could very well be a completely different story whilst playing it. Many who have been in the beta seem impressed.

DirtyLary2087d ago

But at the sametime it has the whole combo and block mechanics. I can see strategy in this game. Hopefully it's deep and gets supported.

DigitalRaptor2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

There's strategy there, even if you haven't experienced or read about people's experience with it.

Defensive play and combos are a big part of the overall gameplay here. It's definitely chaotic, I'll agree with that. Braindead though? You can play this game as deeply as you like, you just might not win by simply button mashing.

Fullmetalevolust2087d ago

[email protected] bro dudes playing the game: I swear when they went into the PS3 xbar section, I thought I saw the guy on youtube who puts bacon on everything (epicmealtime, right?) lol.
On topic: Nariko's moves are indicative of how well crafted she was on Heavenly sword and what a fearless combatant she can be. I liked the two weapons for light and heavy blows and while pulling off some of the combos were hard bc of Ninja theory's lack of competence in the area, it was still rewarding and fun. Nariko needs to come back .

WillGuitarGuy2087d ago

Pause at 0:21. That's me. :p

OT: Nariko has to be one of the swiftest (next to Sly)and most technical characters in the All-Stars roster. You see how she stuns her enemies like nothing and can take advantage of them in an instant.

Fullmetalevolust2086d ago

thanks for putting up the vid :) and I didn't mean anything by my comment, hehe. I'm glad Nariko kicks ass.

XXXL2087d ago

Love the uncharted 3 - bioshock infinite level

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