The GameSpot Exodus Continues as Ryan Davis Leaves

Ryan Davis had been with GameSpot nearly eight years, but now he's leaving the site, the latest to follow Jeff Gerstmann out the door.

"Jeff's gone, and I'm not afraid to say that it absolutely breaks my heart. I felt the departure of Rich Gallup from the site earlier this year in my bones, but this goes deeper. Jeff was a rare constant, and this marks the end of an era for both GameSpot and myself, a fact that doesn't seem to be getting any less upsetting for me," Davis wrote in his blog back in December.

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freakyzeeky3694d ago

It's over for GameSpot... Everyone is gone. :(

Chubear3694d ago

They'll go get one or two hot looking editors and the gaming community will go "ohh, gamespot new ediotors are hot. It's good they've become good again" and that will be that - business back to normal.

gamesblow3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Man it looks like they need reviewers...

This guy would be perfect... he's everything a reviewer should be! Just ask "Sadie" ... His style is so raw and witty. This guy without a shadow of a doubt would be the spark to light Gamespot's fire again...

"looks around" ... hahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha ah What a complete CROTCH COBBLER.

Iamback3694d ago

So now hes gone? It seemed ok last week, on podcast and on the spot.

MasterChief28293694d ago

Holy crap! In the past few months they have lost
- Rich Gallup (Wasn't part of the controversy though)
- Jeff Gerstmann
- Alex Navarro
- Ryan Davis

It really is the dead end for gamespot... wow.

Charlie26883694d ago

WOW GS is going to hell O.o al the iconic figures are leaving o.O

I wonder if they are gonna bring the basement editors out to replace them XD

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The story is too old to be commented.