Daily Reaction: The End of AAA Games

With Ubisoft’s Alex Hutchinson saying that Assassin’s Creed 3 and similar scale titles are “the last of the dinosaurs”, and that “it’s about to change” with less and less AAA games being made, Daily Reaction discusses where big budget games are set to go next. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2024d ago

No, don't go into the light!

dbjj120882024d ago

This guy is off his rocker. There's no end to AAA games, just the end of a console cycle.

ftwrthtx2024d ago

Smaller social games seem to be where quite a few devs are heading

MostJadedGamer2024d ago

But there is no actual sign of big budget games going extinct. I don't see any evidence that they are going to stop being made.

TerminalGamer2024d ago

If they want to make smaller gaes, fine. Lower the prices as well.

knifefight2024d ago

Well when all of your games begin with A-S-S and are followed immediately by A-S-S what did he expect? I mean come on, it was right in the title, Alex.

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