Intel Crams 2 Billion Transistors Onto New Itanium Chip

MercuryNews writes:

"Intel Corp. has built a new chip packed with a record 2 billion transistors, more than doubling the processing power of a line of its chips for supercomputers, the company said.
The Santa Clara-based company plans to present more information on its latest Itanium processor and a string of other technological achievements this week at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco."

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niall773792d ago

its like this many "makes box shape with hands"

cyclindk3792d ago

I'm gonna put ten of these in my next computer so I can watch 4D porn, porn where you can actually watch the porn stars aging while they....;)

GodsHand3792d ago

Sooo, what can I cook on this thing? :P