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5 things PS4 needs to win next gen

GC writes, "PS3 was off to a rocky start. The incredibly high loss on each system was devastating, as was the billions in R&D costs. The launch line-up was lackluster and the $600 “get a second job” price was ludicrous. SONY endured through the billions in losses thanks to initial PS3 madness and has managed to take the brand back to profitability, but in the state their in now they need to of learned from their mistakes. The PS4 needs to be success. We have a few ideas regarding how". (Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, Sony)

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Jackhass  +   1128d ago
I have a feeling Sony is going to have a nice rebound next generation.
blumatt  +   1128d ago
PS4 thoughts
Sony needs a competitive price. $299/399 would be preferable.
They also would benefit greatly from either coming out before Microsoft OR coming out a couple months right after MS.

Keep the online free. That will still serve as a huge reason for people to choose the PS4. Keep PS+ as the premium option for free games and extra services but keep online gaming and cross game chat and a party system ALL FREE.

Other than that we need those network features we were missing on the ps3: cross game chat and a unified party system.

We know their hardware will be great and reliable.

We know the games will be there. Look at all the great games coming out on the PS3 lately and soon to come.

I'm also pretty sure the PS4 will have a new media standard in 4K Blu Ray discs capable of playing 4K movies. The games, for the most part, won't be 4K. Most will be 1080p and 720p. There might be some PSN titles like Stardust HD that do 4K but Uncharted 4 won't be 4K. New Blu Ray discs means even more storage capacity for games and media on the disc. They might finally start selling games and movies together on one disc as an option (e.g. Transformers movie and coinciding game).

We also know that Gaikai will play a big part on the PS4. Cloud steaming of games could eliminate the need for a PS5 anytime soon, possibly allowing for an even longer console cycle.

PS Home is a tricky one. They might axe it due to its niche appeal but they might keep adding to it and make it even more robust with more free games and social experiences.

@reddeaddan. (below)

Free online DOES NOT necessarily equal a poor service. Look at Steam on the PC and pretty much every PC online game. Plus, the PS3 is really only lacking cross game chat and a unified party system. Is that really worth paying for?
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Swiggins  +   1128d ago
If the PS4 does all of that, then the only reason for me to keep using Xbox will be a couple of games and the controller....and I could always get a modded controller for the PS4 that's shaped like an Xbox Controller

Edit: That's not a slant against the Dualshock, it's an amazing controller, one of the best designed ever, but I just prefer the Xbox controller, fits better in my hands and I like the triggers more, the bad D-Pad doesn't bother me.

It would be beautiful!
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-Alpha  +   1128d ago

-Humble price
-Humble hardware for devs to work with
-Before Xbox 3
-Strong launch line of old IPs and new
-Good slogan (PSFour + Lots of Four Sequels-- K4, UC4, GoW4, Jak 4, etc)
-Branded, overhauled PSN for free/Gaikai/Home (I think Home is too far in to quit now, and that Gaikai/new hardware will bring out a better potential
-Official, alternate controller for those uncomfortable with Dualshock to really win over the fans that just have trouble
BitbyDeath  +   1128d ago
Don't forget Motorstorm4 XD
THESONYPS3  +   1128d ago
Dont forget with Gaikai the PSVita will be pretty ultimate, as we have built the PS4 to take advantage of the PSVita with an expirence the PS3 couldn't match. Also backwards compatability through psstore etc.
SolidStoner  +   1127d ago
All I want is a not cheap, but best system on marked possible, It could cost 600$, but it should be damn good with at least 7 year guarantee (to be supported with games). It has to be better then PC (not better then "THE" best PC, but average best home PC) if PS4 is that Im buying it anyway, cost is the last thing I care (I dont have much money if you think Im rich or something, Im not!). If I want cheap gaming or something I could buy X-box, no need to rage, Im not saying that its a bad or cheap console, its very good for its price, and I like any console as long as they have good games on them!

EDIT. I prefer SONY brand only for one reason its Gran Turismo series and other titles only Sony have, so in my case I will buy PS4 anyway, no matter what. I trust them!
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b163o1  +   1127d ago
One feature I would like to see, the ability to download off PSN while I'm playing online. It might seem illegitimate, but it'll be a plus to me.
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FACTUAL evidence  +   1128d ago
I would say it needs basic online features of a 360 to even stand a chance for next gen. I will not give Sony my money and wait a decade for a decent feature. almost 7 years in and we don't have voice messaging, nor 1 button notifications? I'm not playing the waiting game next year with sony....I made this mistake once, not doing it again.

In my honest opinion Sony took way too much from us than what they really gave us this gen. A lot of fans try to deny it but they all know it's true. Thank god for the games, but even recently the sequels to half of these games were a disappointment.

I really hope Sony does have a plan for next gen because I have lost faith in them. I used to love ps to the point of collecting every trophy. Now if I bother to turn on my ps, it's for corny ass mw3 for just quick action, or scrolling through the boring xmb looking at my friends list. I'm just tired of MS and Sony...I think I might not even be a gamer next gen the way this is shaping for me.
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Rhythmattic  +   1128d ago
"I will not give Sony my money and wait a decade for a decent feature. almost 7 years in and we don't have voice messaging, nor 1 button notifications? "

Does this really matter to you on a gaming system? I dont need either to enjoy gaming. Just good damn games is what matters to me.

And for your closing comment, It seems your not actually a gamer "this gen".......
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Seraphemz  +   1127d ago
Voice messaging??? How about a "basic" feature like WEB BROWSING...?? The 360 rocked that right out of the box huh?
extermin8or  +   1127d ago
wtf because voice messaging is the be all and end all of whether a device is any good.....
50Terabytespersec  +   1128d ago
If they release GT6 on PS4 then I will surely not buy another Sony product again. why? cause then what? GT 7 on the PS5 lets be real this is BS..

The PS3 is still Amazing and minus the blurry crap visuals GT6 better be coming to PS3!! Same with another Killzone and more Metal Gear Games!
calis  +   1128d ago
There is no reason to think GT7 will be a PS5 game.
blumatt  +   1128d ago
I'd rather they take their time with GT games than try to make three of them on one console like Forza. That's called over-saturation. At least there's been a lot of updates (free) to GT5 since its release.

GT6 as a PS4 launch title would be ideal and would be an amazing launch game.
Just release one GT game per console and give out free updates and more track packs and cars as DLC.
Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder  +   1128d ago
im pulling 4 them . i use to be all about xbox untill i saw how much support sony had to the hardcore gamers . they really do desrerve to lead the way this genaration.
andibandit  +   1127d ago
Sony seriously needs to shift a couple of gears up this coming generation. Microsoft has already realized that the hardcore gaming market is too small and are now gunning for apple in the battle for the living room. Nintendo struck gold with the casual market and are trying more of the same. Im am a bit worried that sony will get left behind with a smaller hardcore userbase and all the developers will focus on whatever console has the biggest userbase, and ps4 will get a slew of ported games like we did half thru this gen.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1127d ago
Hopefully, i can't wait to see what next gen will look like.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1128d ago
the same 5 things sony did to win this one.

1. exclusive aaa games (uncharted, lbp, infamous, metal gear solid 4, heavy rain, god of war, journey, the last of us ect..

2. reliable hardware

3. free online

4. bluray (maybe 500 gigs( ps4)

5. crossplay.
ReDDeaDDan  +   1128d ago
But they didn't win this one. They came dead last.

Free online = Poor service - FACT

EDIT: Online Console service.
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BitbyDeath  +   1128d ago
'Free online = Poor service - FACT'

You do realise PC has always been free and is the best online service available?
one2thr  +   1128d ago
Pc online gaming is free, and it has been a fantastic service for me so far...

**Remember, one does not simply has a better online service just because they paid for it**

Because at the end of each day, and pay period your only giving the company your paying money to, the right to charge you use your OWN BANDWIDTH, and the other 50% of your purchased games that have a multiplayer option... Think about it...
NastyLeftHook0  +   1128d ago
im talking from a gamers perspective.
ziggurcat  +   1127d ago
@ reddeaddan:

sure, if you consider hardware sales to be the defining factor, but even then the wii would be the victor. the reality is that the quality of the gaming experience (i frankly don't care about the ability to chat with people while playing a different game or creating a party) has been vastly superior (in my opinion) on the PS3.

so in that respect, i believe sony came out on top.

also, free online =/= poor service. PSN is just fine, i've had zero problems with their service. free online means not having to pay an extra $60 just to play half of the game you already paid $60 for...
CommonSenseGamer  +   1128d ago
The big winner this generation, like it or not, has to be MS for establishing themselves as a real player in the console gaming market. In terms of market share Sony is this generations biggest loser.
youndamie  +   1128d ago
LOL real player? by abandoning their hard core gamer market?. At the start of the generation I would agree, but as of now Sony is the clear leader.
one2thr  +   1128d ago
Kinect, viva pinata, the game where players can tickle a tiger, a racing game that requires no effort to play, 3 ip's compared to 10 ip's from both nin and sony, RROD(which caused gamers to buy multiple xbox's, so that people can boast about sales figures), lacking HDMI for about 3 years since launch until system revision, doesnt support HD-Dvd's, and its media format is DVD-9 which doesnt have the option to increase storage capacity like regular dvd's, proprietary components; harddrive, memory card, etc., giant non-rechargeable battery looking power supply, scratches its own disk when reoriented, can't copy music, pictures, videos, etc. to various storage devices, doesnt support 1080p, its best selling game wasnt system compatible and went through a series of updates, and it was an exclusive title to that system, and its new exclusive title is a continuation of 1 of the 3 mentioned worth talking about ips, i'll make it 4(counting Alann Wake)....

The list goes on, but why bother....

And MS (Xbox), won this generation how?....

And oh the PS3 was out selling it since launch apparently...
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tommygunzII  +   1127d ago
In terms of gaming, Xbox customers are the biggest losers lately.
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thorstein  +   1128d ago
As everyone knows there were no "winners." Nintendo, Microsoft and SONY all released enormously successful platforms. If you compare sales to the PS2, well, no console has come close to that behemoth.

This gen was solid from the start and is finishing even stronger. But the BS about "winners" or "losers" becomes completely moot once those systems reach 10s of millions of units sold. And as hardware figures go, SONY and MS pale in comparison what Nintendo does. So, sales do not make a solid argument that sales equal quality (see Apple).

AAA Games and Exclusives have been argued to death with the PS3 crowds yelling about the plethora of exclusives and MS crowds screaming that their exclusives have better quality.

Reddead claims that the Free Online for PSN is a poor service and that it is a FACT. Which brings me to the worst part about this generation: fanboys spreading lies about the other system. Online gameplay differs in one aspect between the Xbox and PS: cross game chat. (Note: just talking about online play and NOTHING ELSE). I have heard so many lies about the Xbox and so many lies about the PS3 that if they were all to be believed both systems would have been so bad that neither would ever have been able to play games let alone be connected to a television without blowing up entire city blocks.

Enough with the BS. No one really believes it. You sound like democrats and republicans arguing about which of their guys is better. The only difference is that if you put a room full of PS3s or Xbox360s in a room by themselves they could govern the USA better than the current crop of idiots.
Malice-Flare  +   1128d ago
the important #6 - a big marketing budget with a competent marketing dept...
Treian  +   1128d ago
Sony has never been focused on winning. They have been focused on delivering quality games and entertainment...
JellyJelly  +   1128d ago
Yes. Multinational corporations like Sony love losing money. Are you really that gullible? They went into the console business because they saw a market window. Sony took a large market share with the PS1 & PS2 that they have lost most of to MS and Nintendo this gen. Judging by the Vita they aren't doing anything to change their strategy for the better.

Some of you need to drop this childlike mentality towards the gaming business.
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wishingW3L  +   1127d ago
if they keep delivering then gamers will naturally flock to their systems. Don't you think this is a better business plan for us and for them if it works? Gamers aren't stupid, they will chose the system with the better games. Or at least this is what I think....
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Treian  +   1127d ago
hey I am just quoting what one of the sony higher ups said. don't hate.
Blu Ray3  +   1128d ago
Sony needs to invest in ADVERTISING in the USA to outsell the new MS console.
Ps4 will have cross chat.....GAME OVER:)
Hell,they've beaten them worldwide.
Blu Ray is an amazing perk!!
As long as MS doesn't jump on the bandwagon like they always do.
If Sony can go head to head with MS on the USA advertisement front,they'll have no prob taking back the crown:)
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CommonSenseGamer  +   1128d ago
So, is the getting the crown back important or not? The post above yours would suggest its not important to Sony.
Hicken  +   1124d ago
What makes you think they can't do both? Blu Ray3 mentions things that shouldn't at all hinder what blahblah346 quoted. Can they not "get the crown back" by "focusing on delivering quality games and entertainment?"

Seems to me like doing the latter would put you in a good position to do the former.
BitbyDeath  +   1128d ago
I think they should just focus on being the best.
Blu Ray3  +   1128d ago
Getting back the crown is not important(figure of speech)because they never lost it gameswise,
but it would be nice to shut certain fanboys up on N4G and other sites,and put sony back at forefront of gaming where they're meant to be on all levels.
They can do it.
Come on KAZ baby!
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Jazz4108  +   1127d ago
Nevermind ps4...this article should be 5 things Sony needs now to avoid bankruptcy. Truth hurts.
miyamoto  +   1128d ago
More Affordable Gaming at Lightning Fast Speed
What is the true definition of winning anyway?

Gamers want affordable gaming first and foremost.

All Sony needs is Lightning Speed to succeed as a gaming company. Get its games and services out there as soon as possible.

Damn it Sony, Get rid of the bureaucracy!

Heh, gamers dont care what game it is as long as they are affordable.
Then you insert quality in it & you hook the gamer to keep coming back for more.

If the games have graphics like Uncharted 3 & The Last of Us on PS3 it can last a few more years. This will make games faster to produce but still looking good.

The Wii is proof of this strategy.
If you are an underdog Lightning Speed at affordable price is crucial.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1128d ago
"Winning" next gen is a big word. The title should "5 things PS4 needs to be successful."

Not implying the PS3 isn't successful. But things that Sony needs to do to have a strong start and beyond the PS4's life cycle.
2pacalypsenow  +   1128d ago
they need to make the best games exclusive reason Ps2 was such a monster was because it had MGS and Grand theft auto exclusive for most of its lifespan
SlavisH2  +   1128d ago
place doesn't really matter(only to fanboys) as long as they are profitable they're good
sdplisken  +   1128d ago
1. $399 launch price with newer bluray disc

2. killer launch titles (UC4,KZ4,GOW4,Demon's Souls 2, MGS5,GT6, InFamous 3, etc. then more new ips

3. overhaul xmb, make it faster, or change it completely IMO

4. official alternative to the dualshock (i personally think the ds3 is perfect except for L2,R2) for the 360 fps/cod fragheads that play shooters 24/7

5. KEEP BASIC ONLINE FREE, but KEEP PS PLUS as well -make it more and more attractive w/free games etc, add cross game chat, party chat, 1 click invites, allow games to update AND install in the background

6. Make the system easier to develop for

7. Make Agent and The Last Guardian ps4 launch titles

8. Go back to the ol ps2 commercial days of just showing off the new game instead of an actor

9. get a new advertising dept

10. make getting a platinum trophy something like an avatar or free stuff in the store
BitbyDeath  +   1128d ago
I wonder how PS+ will work at launch, they can't give away 3 full retail PS4 games each month otherwise nobody would ever have to buy anything.

PS+ might need a break until things get moving or they'll have to start offering something else in the interim like PS3 games or free movies/music...

Just thinkin out loud, good points though
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calis  +   1128d ago
The free games isn't forever on the PS3 anyway.
nerdkiller  +   1128d ago
just dont let this gen get you down and make you think of making less expensive console...
i also would like them to ditch fps games and stick with games like gow and uncharted and make a hell of a lot of new games like that. also kill reggie and the president of nintendo and buy it out.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1128d ago
I really hope they dont think they can get away with a launch price of $500 or $600 they must have learned their lesson.
chazjamie  +   1128d ago
you know who sony reminds me of, the stubborn kid of the class. the teacher help's the poor bastard (like you guys are doing now), but when it comes to the presentation. The guy goes full retard and says fuck this shit i will do what ever i want. i bet you sony will do the complete opposite of that list. I thought they learnt their lesson with the ps 3, but they clearly did not with regards to the vita.

I wouldnt be surprised if they used HD-DVD's, make the hardware even more un-bearable and sell it for $600.
black911  +   1128d ago
A new controller design to bring back all old users who switched to 360.
Lucretia  +   1128d ago
absolutely not.

the ps3 controller is damn near perfect. amazing for fighting and action games for its precision. Good for shooters and all other games.

just because the 360 controller is prefered for shooters doesn't mean its that versatile.

eitherway this article is silly. people choose what console wins. to me ps3 won, 360 2nd place and wii last.

while others say wii is first although it has the worst software and least good set of games out
StonedGazers  +   1127d ago
"just because the 360 controller is prefered for shooters doesn't mean its that versatile. "

I play FIFA, Madden, Fight Night and the 360 pad is better for these games also in my opinion.

No I'm not a 360 or PS3 fanboy I own both consoles and both have the upsides and downsides but overall the 360 pad is better for the games I play (sports and shooters)PS3 pad is better for StreetFighter though
tommygunzII  +   1127d ago
One of the reasons I love my PS3 is because of the controller. Imo the Xbox controller feels like a handheld game from the early eighties.
Droid Control  +   1128d ago
Sony are going to dominate next gen.

The Wii U isn't even next gen, its a current gen port machine. M$ has shown loyal hardcore gamers they don't give a shit about them, Sony is the only one left offering true next gen experiences for the hardcore by the bucket load.
ajax17   1128d ago | Bad language | show
madpuppy  +   1128d ago
I think that people are forgetting that The PS3 had another purpose when it came out, it was the sledge hammer that killed HD-DVD and set in stone Blu-ray as the defacto standard for commercial physical HD media.
and that made Sony Billions in sales of Players and licences as well as ancillary sales of HD Tv's.
Mustang300C2012  +   1128d ago
Clearly you don't know what the hell you are even talking about. It is a fact they have been losing billions on tv sales for the last 11 years and billions were lost from the release of the PS3. You might want to you know actually read the financial reports before claiming something you think is fact. It is a out there.
madpuppy  +   1127d ago
calm down there little pony...It's OK. if I am wrong I concede.

I really don't know why everyone on the internet has to act like they have been off their meds for about a week?

(please refer to every other comment to what I typed on how to properly reply to someone)

good day to you, Sir!
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   1128d ago
Blu-ray is not a solely owned propriety of Sony. Blu-ray is a collaborated effort between several companies, thus Sony gets very little in returns from Blu-ray.


Sony made the push to have it the "defacto" source of physical HD media because of their Movie studios. Because it had a better security, Sony managed to sway the top tier movie studio's to make it their primary means of movie viewing over HD-DVD. Sony also wanted it in their PS3's as it would be the "Trojan horse" to get blu-ray players in the homes of consumers. It was a win win for sony to help sell MORE PS3's due to it having blu-ray for their 1st party movies on blu-ray.

It has NOTHING to do with licensee fees attained by other companies or corporations to use blu-ray or make blu-ray players. Sony makes very little off of those. Sony's big gain is that blu-ray is the primary means of physical HD movie's which Sony's PS3 has a stock blu-ray player.

Bottom line - Sony was trying to capture the living room by being the one-stop-shop for entertainment with the PS3. However at that time, digital distribution and streaming wasn't a consideration.
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Patrick  +   1127d ago
Actually Sony and Philips and Pioneer were the main 3 that helped create Blu-ray, but they brought in many others to form the association that exist today.
"Thanks to prior development of many groups, including, most notably, Professor Isamu Akasaki's group, Shuji Nakamura at Nichia Corporation and Sony Corporation in Anan (Tokushima-ken, Japan) made a series of inventions and developed commercially viable blue and violet semiconductor lasers."
Make no mistake though, Sony was the one that pushed it harder and farther than any other company. Blu-ray had PS3 to help Blu-ray win the format war, PS3 did not have Blu-ray to help PS3 win the console war.
Yeah it cost Sony, but they are looking ahead and physical disk will be around for a lot longer and Blu-ray will be that disk so that in the end, it will make them money.
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Brettman2008  +   1128d ago

The inclusion of blu-ray caused delays to the PS3 launch in Europe and increased the price of the console due to the initial high cost of the blu-ray drive. Pluses and minuses for its inclusion.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1128d ago
Sony just needs 3 things!

Great Price, Best out of box/day 1 built console (60gig PS3 is better built than ANY 360 past/present), and awesome hardwear... then they'll be set!

Games and Free Online I think they won't have a problem with carrying over! which already has been a huge driving force for Sony!

P.S. = I've ALWAYS actually liked how Sony has pushed NON gaming features with their consoles as well, they lead that pack with this almost every generation!
StonedGazers  +   1127d ago
"P.S. = I've ALWAYS actually liked how Sony has pushed NON gaming features with their consoles as well, they lead that pack with this almost every generation! "

Yea like the ability to add Linux to OUR consoles...... oh wait a minute
CShadow  +   1128d ago
Wii won everyone practically owned 1 at one point. Sony catching up for lost a year of time to Xbox. If it came out sooner it would dominated 360. PS3 fast catching up being no1 in the world sales.
Mustang300C2012  +   1127d ago
If it came out the same time doesn't gurantee anything. It came out the same time as the Wii. That philosophy shows how little important BR and even features the 360 had at the time to see what was happening to Wii. Anyone claiming the PS3 would dominate just because it would have launched a year earlier are delusional to simply just assume.

To say this 6 years later after everything has happened is even more laughable. To this day the 360 has sold more than the PS3. As of today, Sony as a company/devision isn't as healthy as they were prior to 2006. MS in that aspect is and that is all that matters with the companies at the end of the day what their efforts resulted in profit for the company. As far as we go as consumers I just enjoy the games on the platforms I choose to play on.
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StitchJones  +   1128d ago
I honestly do not feel there will be a PS4 at this point. Given the huge issues with Sony and it's entertainment division. They are bleeding huge amounts of money, and it would not be good to continue to dump money into a console that will have a very bad stigma against it. Remember the Sega Saturn and then the Dreamcast. Sega had done enough damage with the Saturn where consumers stayed away from the dreamcast, as well as developers. Sony has screwed up everything with the PS3 minus the Blu-ray. They no longer are a trusted brand and they honestly will not capture back the market share.
Half-Mafia  +   1128d ago
Is winning a generation units sold? If so then the Wii has won by a mile, but IMO the Wii is one of the weakest consoles I've ever seen. While to PS3 is in 3rd place (in units sold) but for me its the best consoles this gen.
OmniSlashPT  +   1127d ago
"You know those awesome montages you make with the cool indie music and the epic dubstep and rock all the time? Cut them down to 30 seconds and put them everywhere!"

Finally someone notices that! Sony has some amazing montages at events such as E3 and Gamescom, but they never released them as trailers or ads. Besides, Kevin Butler should return as well, that dude was brilliant.
sandman224  +   1127d ago
Wrong! The only thing ps4 needs to do is make it extremely easy to make games for it. Believe me that's all they have to do.
yokokoroma  +   1127d ago
This opinion piece makes it seem like the opinions are facts, the next PS console (not 4, but an actual named one) only needs 1 of the 5 things (other 4 are fantasies) this opinion piece listed, which is great launch titles. The next PS console being $399 or lower is not happening, a console that surpasses it's predecessor being cheaper than it's predecessor, is unheard of. The tech of the next PS has to be greater than (i.e. surpass) the tech of the PS3, thus the cost will be greater. In regards to PSN not being "on par" with XBL, is quite the laugh. PSN offers things XBL, could only hope to offer. The belief that PSN is no competition for XBL, is asinine. PS's next console needs a marketing campaign with dubsteb and rock music? the goal of any marketing campaign, should be to appeal to as many potential cosumers as possible. The dubstep/rock music approach is not that, as it only appeals to specific people. Lastly, streaming is not the future of gaming, as it counteracts publishers end result objective.
GenHero  +   1127d ago
"tech of the next PS has to be greater than (i.e. surpass) the tech of the PS3, thus the cost will be greater."

you honestly think Sony is going to try to sell a 600+ console?
breakpad  +   1127d ago
the only thing that PS4 needs to succeed is to get a lot of exclusives games from the Japanese third party game developpers (Kojipro,Capcom Squaresoft...) as it was in ps2 era...Sony could even buy some IPs for sure dominance (MGS,DMC,Monster HUnter) or start some completely new AAA exclusive IPs but from Japanese teams
tommygunzII  +   1127d ago
Xbox may have taken off early. But according to the sales numbers the PS3 should surpass Xbox360 in the first quarter of next year.
You don't win races by leading the first few laps, and when mid 2013 comes around Sony will be leading.
Mustang300C2012  +   1127d ago
Then what happens????? What will this mean to everyone. Will 3rd party start making exclusive content lol. Seeiously what will this actually do.
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