Patrick Seybold Leaves SCEA For Tapjoy

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s main spokesperson, Patrick Seybold, has announced that he’s left the company. - PSLS

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T3mpr1x2116d ago

I wonder who'll take his place...

dbjj120882116d ago

Sony should never hire anyone from N4G. The fanboys around here are obnoxious.

Foolsjoker2116d ago

Why won't it let me disagree more than once!

Diver2116d ago

tap what? yeah thas the last we hear of him.

Blankman852116d ago

No, Gribble should do it. He'd totally be a fit for this job.

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fei-hung2116d ago

Name rings a bell, but what did this dude exactly do as SCEA?!

ftwrthtx2116d ago

Sad to see him go. He did a great job on the PS Blog.

decimalator2116d ago

why didn't he consult me first?

-Mika-2116d ago

I don't think he left. I think he was fired because Sony trying to save money.

ronin4life2116d ago

I don't think that's the case...
Although, has anyone ever heard the saying "The rats are always the first to jump a sinking ship"? Basically, rats always know before the crew that it's time to abandon ship.

Let's hope this isn't a portend of things to come.

LostTokens2116d ago

Nice promotion, good for him.

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