“Project Crystallis” Wants Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info and Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization

This morning we here at Blistered thumbs received some interesting information from a new Final Fantasy fan group, called “Project Crystallis,” that alerted us to their mission: bringing attention to and obtaining information about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and securing a western release for Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP.

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DaThreats2114d ago

Nice, but the way the petition was brought up was weak

Exquisik2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I think someone should form a group called "Fire Wada" and make a petition to get Yoichi Wada removed as the president of Square enix.

Dark_Overlord2114d ago

I'd sign that, he is single handedly destroying the company :/

DragonKnight2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

@Ranma1: *sigh* Nevermind. Thought I found a work around for the address but nope. Sorry, but I'm not posting my full address on a petition like this.

abzdine2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Wada is a complete fool. I'd spit on his face if I meet him one day.
He killed the image of SE it's a shame.

Enix doesn't exist anymore. Where is the time if Dragon Quest and FF were the absolute kings? This jerk has to step away.

I've been boycotting every game SE after FF12

PshycoNinja2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Please don't associate this petition with Project Crystallis. It makes the movement look bad. Please take it down or take the Project name off the petition. We only have one petition and it's the one in the article.

8bitHero2113d ago

is that the guy who keeps shoving down lighting and her shitty game down everyones throat? if so they need to get rid of that cunt.

bobbyluv2113d ago

You mean Toriyama, he's the problem. Wada worked on most of the early final fantasies. Toriyama made x-2 and 13-2 he's the one to fire.

Ragnaarock2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

But how will Wada be able to find you and silence you if he doesn't know your address............. I still have a hard time believing that something bad will come out of posting an address on a part of the internet that isn't "moot". I just don't see what someone will gain by knowing your address............what will they do ring your doorbell and run away. Then again it's not required to even use your real address..........or name far that matter. If someone really wanted to they could probably sign the same petition 10 times; each as a different person.

NeXXXuS2113d ago

Hell yeah. I'm the 50th signature. only 9950 to go. Facebook and tumblr and whatever the hell out of this petition.

PshycoNinja2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Here is the real petition for Project Crystallis:

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PshycoNinja2114d ago

I think it's about time a community got together and did something about this. The way Square has treated fans and these games is inexcusable.

Lovable2114d ago

If you want to get together then don't buy the game. Nothing gives more impact than your money.

TheMasterShake2114d ago

dude there is no game to buy.

ash_divine2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

@The Master Shake

lol, true.

But I think they were referring to Lightning Returns.

Which I sort of agree is probably the best solution.

Because even though the new game does seem like it could be better then the last two, if it sells well SE will probably just say : "Okay, Let's do a sequel".

TheMasterShake2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

@ash_divine dude its already apparent that no one wants another FFXIII sequel so really whos gonna but it anyway. FFXIII-2 didn't even sell a quarter of what its predecessor did. imagine what the outcome will be for LR: FFXIII.

ash_divine2114d ago


"imagine what the outcome will be for LR: FFXIII"

Trust me I've imagined. Things are looking pretty bad for the game right now.

Though SE is bringing it onto themselves I guess.

I'm not really sure what they were thinking with this one. Any rational person would think a product with such a steep decline in sales deserves a break, not a sequel.

I seriously wonder what goes on inside SE these day. Some of their choices are sort of baffling.

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rCrysis2114d ago


That is very true. But it seems that we 'smart' gamers (as in smart shopping) are a minority. Look at how many people bought 13-2. Yes, it was less but apparently enough to warrant 13-3.

It looks like gamers are getting serious about not buying to show the companies we won't stand for this BS anymore though.

I hope we can see our results soon...with games like RE6, DmC, and 13-3.

If I forgot anything please add that along also ^__^''

NovusTerminus2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I am getting RE6, Because I like what I see (And enjoyed the gameplay tweaks, Leon's game looks like the older style.), and I support Capcom's in-house dev teams. I just want them to stop Outsourcing and westernizing.

I will not get DmC, EVER! I will get 2 copies of MGRising instead! (One for my Cousin as a gift)
And I bought FFXIII, but not 2, and not 3 either!

I will only buy Type-0 of SE's games. (Versus XIII aside)

Menchi2114d ago

How patronising of you, to assume people who bought FFXIII-2 aren't "smart gamers" it couldn't possibly be that people enjoyed the first one enough to warrant a purchase of the improved sequel, could it?

I want VS as much as the next guy, but I actually enjoyed both FFXIII and FFXIII-2 and I don't see why I'm less of a gamer for that..

It's pretty disgusting to assume your tastes reflect the "right" direction, and everyone else's as wrong.

N4GDgAPc2114d ago


I think its funny how everyone says they don't want a ff13 game. Yes it didn't sell close to what FF13 but it sold around 2.5 million copies. Most companies would be happy to get that much sales. Its actually rare to have most games get that much sales. So you cut that in half again for 13-3 thats 1.25 million copies still sold which still makes them profit. I don't know about you but thats a lot of people that want it.

baodeus2113d ago

Should we make a petition demanding jobs/global warming or something more important/urgent? it is just an entertainment, if u don't like something, u don't buy it. No wonder more serious issues aren't being solve because people focus more on useless matter like this

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Godmars2902114d ago

But what happens when Square responds with the polite PR equivalent of, "F-U, we don't have to tell you sh*t. Just give us your money." They don't even understand FF13-2 selling less than FF13. They only continued the story few wanted continued, or much like myself even finished.

dragonrage002113d ago

the problem with most of the so called "fans" is that they didnt give the game a chance, and never finished, much like yourself. the game gets much better at 20+ hours, and those that beat the game with an open mind had the sequel they wished for, with most of the problems from the original solved, and the best aspect of 13 (the combat) returning slightly improved.

Godmars2902113d ago

I was over 50 hours in when I gave up. I just don't want to give that story more of my time and money.

dragonrage002113d ago

the story in xiii was poorly executed, but IMO, the mithology behind it is interesting(when u actually understand whats going on). i really dont expect every ff to have a ffVII level of storytelling, that was really one of a kind. 50 hours is enough to judge the game by yourself, so im not making an argument here. personally, i think XIIIs combat system balanced its (many) shortcomings. the same happened with X.

DigitalRaptor2114d ago

Still getting over the fact that they announced XIII-3, before new Versus XIII info. Just unbelievable!

HammadTheBeast2114d ago

I can't get over the fact that Type O wasn't released in NA or EU, and that it still hasn't been ported to Vita,honestly wouldn't take longer than a couple of months, and would be much better than this Xiii-3 BS,

RmanX10002114d ago

*signs petition* *grabs some popcorn* This'll be interesting.

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