Locations I’d like to see in Hitman: Absolution

Rant Gaming writer discusses what kinds of locations would make for great mission settings in the upcoming Hitman: Absolution by IO Interactive and Square Enix.

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Sabrina_Holmes2083d ago

I would like to see a lot of those locations too.

Hasanhastam2082d ago

Soccer stadium with many people is great location.

FighterJoe2082d ago

Those are good but I would also love to see a airport terminal (indoors and on the parking apron) with a possible mid air section to it if you don't hit your mark before he boards.

You could use a lot of disguises like ground workers, mainence workers, attendants, security, pilot etc etc. Added with the metal detectors and huge crowd ability of Hitman games it would be fantastic (IMO)

and before anyone mentions..I am not talking about bringing any planes down, but preventing it might be cool (as agent 47 has prevented similar things before)

Syaz12082d ago

A funfair might be nice. Could be worth seeing how 47 reacts to riding a roller coaster, or even say, assassinating a target by arranging an 'accident' where he would fall off while the roller coaster is hanging.

GTRrocker6662082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

A hospital or horror film set

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