Rumor: New Xbox Originals & Possibly Downloading Full 360 Games

XboxFamily has posted what is reported to be a screenshot of Microsoft's FTP which shows recently added assets for Conker Live and Reloaded, Fable, Jade Empire, and two older Xbox 360 games.

The article speculates that since the 360 titles are already Platinum Hits, it's uncommon for old assets to be added to the FTP and believes these titles could be made available for download.

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BloodySinner3734d ago

Then Microsoft would have to lower the prices of those ridiculously expensive hard drives...

GunShotEddy3734d ago

Those proprietary 120gb HDDs need a price cut. And we can't fit anything like that on the 20gb HDD if we actually have anything else like XBLA games and saves, and videos.

i Shank u3734d ago

they should sell a 20 GB hard drive that has......20 Gigs! with everything deleted, my 20 GB gives 13 GB of storage. fills up real quick.

JohnRico3734d ago

Fable is already there unless they mean Lost Chapters

Iron Man 23734d ago

Conker on the Xbox 1 was a fun game,good news for Xbox 360 owners if this does indeed turnout to be true,I hope it does so my brother can buy it and download it via XBL so both of us can enjoy some of these great games on the Xbox 360;)

GunShotEddy3734d ago

One of the comments says that PDZ and Kameo were originally ported to the Xbox from Gamecube and scrapped. If that's true, then it makes sense that they could put them in Xbox Originals. NOT complete 360 games.

hadouken0073734d ago

even though im all ps3, i wanted to play conker,it looked like a good game.

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