Sony Recouping Hardware Losses Through Software Price-Hike

Kotaku Writes:

Late last year, SCEE pushed a new 40GB model of the PS3 onto the European and Australian markets. Around the same time, the recommended retail price of Sony's first-party titles - which had since launch been slightly cheaper than those from third-parties - quietly went up, in Britain by a few pounds, in Australia by AUD$10. In case you couldn't previously put two and two together, one is the result of the other. SCE Australia (a subsidiary of SCEE, so it stands to reason the decision came from Europe) boss Michael Ephraim:

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dale13759d ago

its a crock got uncharted for £34.97 ,and burnt out for £37.97 at asda and 360 version for burnt out was £39.99
different story for game £44.99 ps3 version for both, super markets are exspanding there games division and i can see why with these savings you can forget npd, chart track etc as they are not privilage to this information and most consumers are switching very quickly price is key

The Panther3759d ago

but I have to get this burnt out game, it sounds so awesome, is it the tail of one man becoming desperatly tired from working too hard and going on a holiday?

I will give you 100 pounds for a 360 version of burnt out.....

resistance1003759d ago

Actually im sure sony said at launch that the cheaper prices were only 'introductory Prices' so is it really surprising that they have gone up to same price as 3rd party games now

Bathyj3759d ago

$110 is still $10 cheaper than 3rd party (and X360) games which are $120 rrp.

name3759d ago

Kotaku -_- Yet again.

sheng long3759d ago

which console started the whole $59.99-$69.99/game trend? did such company receive criticism for it?

Imallvol73759d ago

Why doesn't anyone understand this. Sony's first party titles have always been cheaper than 3rd party titles. Sony simply mades them same price as third party titles like MS and Nintendo. READ PEOPLE.

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The story is too old to be commented.