Upcoming “Must-Play” 3DS Games in 2012

As many of you are probably aware, the Nintendo 3DS didn’t have the strongest start to its lifecycle. With no killer launch title, a lack of solid first-party support (Steel Diver... Really?), and an inflated price tag, many gamers decided to pass on Nintendo’s latest handheld offering. But don’t worry, as Nintendo seem to have turned things round.

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jghvhv2087d ago

Only Pokemon Black and White 2 for me.Yeah I know,they are DS games,but I'll be playing them on my 3DS.

eagle212087d ago

Man you never played Paper Mario? That is my most anticipated game this fall. November can't come quick enough!

jghvhv2087d ago

I watch my brother play a Paper Mario game on the Wii,but I haven't played it myself yet.I think he's getting the new one for the 3DS,if he does I give it a shot.

--Onilink--2087d ago

the wii paper mario is by far the worst, not a bad game per se, but its not even a full RPG, its a diferent type than the N64/GCN/3DS games

You should really consider Paper Mario, its a great franchise

Firebird3602087d ago

Aren't Pokemon b/w version 2 3ds games?

jghvhv2087d ago

They are just normal DS games.You can still play them on 3DS,though.

Sephiroushin2087d ago

Got my 3DS just for Castlevania Lord Of Shadows: Mirrors Of Fate so that for me !
Might try some other games though.

ronin4life2087d ago

I think that was pushed into next year.

--Onilink--2087d ago

to me its Paper Mario, Layton, Castlevania, Epic Mickey Castle of Illusion and i also need to buy(now that i have a job again) Tales of the Abyss, Kid Icarus, Theatrythm Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and New Super Mario Bros 2

smashman982087d ago

kid icarus is on sale at for 14.99 with free shipping

wuzzup2087d ago

I like paper mario but if they come out the gate at 50 bucks they can keep it and all the rest of the games they have at 50 bucks 2. 3ds games are not worth 50 bucks

--Onilink--2087d ago

No 3ds game has cost $50. They cost at most $40

ronin4life2087d ago

Monster Hunter 3g!!!
; _ ;

I guess paper Mario...^_^;

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