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Submitted by Emilio_Estevez 1252d ago | rumor

Did Rockstar Publish GTA5 Release Date Accidently? Since Been Deleted And Removed From Site


Real Or Fake? There is a new image going round on facebook pages which claims to be from Rockstar website, And claims to be the leaked release date, Which has swiftly been removed since then. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Is this rumor true? Rumor votes 156
claud3  +   1252d ago
Not real.. simple as
Derekvinyard13  +   1252d ago
64 players online??? maybe the PC version, but even tho it says Q4 2012 that doesn't mean dick. its most likely 60-70% finished
vortis  +   1252d ago
Q4 2012 can also relate to the early actual first quarter of 2013, in financial terms.
Whitefeather  +   1252d ago
Probably in the polishing stage, since you know they haven't made a game since GTAIV.
TheRealSpy  +   1251d ago
I don't understand this comment. are you being sarcastic? trolling?
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guitarded77  +   1251d ago
I agree with vortis 4Q of 2012 runs into 2013 and maybe a March release. Not saying it will happen, but it could very well happen. All I know is that I'm ready for R* to release some gameplay vids of GTAV.
FarCryLover182  +   1251d ago
Well, Whitefeather is right in a sense. Rockstar North is making GTA V and their last game that they made on their own was GTA IV. But sure, they've helped on other Rockstar titles.
ExposingLames  +   1251d ago
ever heard of a crap game called MAG? 256 ring a bell?
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swat_teem  +   1251d ago
they had to scale back other stuff by alot in order to play with 256 players and by the way gta 5 is looking idk if they can have 64 players maybe on PC but i don't thith 64 would be on ps3 or xbox
Crazyglues  +   1251d ago
Listen I don't know why people question things like this... The game was always scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012 - The first trailer released 9 months ago...

-(Rockstars track record is release trailers when the path is clear and game is near completion - meaning it is getting close to done.)

-but things happen when your dealing with real life and even though that's when you thought you could get it done, you run into problems.. -This happened with GTA IV as it ran into coding problems.

Bioshock Infinite needed more time and got delayed. I believe the truth is this..

It was always coming out Q4 2012 but they have run into some problems and at this point don't know if they can work it all out in-time or if they will miss the expected timeline, but to be safe they have not announced a date.

I think all is good it's still on track, second trailer will drop soon with a 2012 release date, if they can't get it done in-time then we will see a early 2013 but the plan I believe is to release at then end of 2012. Late December.

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geddesmond  +   1251d ago
Well I do remember Rockstarr saying they don't like revealing games until they are nearly finished so I don't think the games gonna be a year off and has GTAV in their Autumn release date with To be Confirmed as the release date so maybe we will get a surprise release date for this Fall.

When don't have any release date they stick the games with a December 31st release date or an April 31st if the games expected next year sometime. I found it strange that they put GTAV in the coming soon in Autumn section and a to be confirmed release date on it because they never do that with other games.

Maybe an announcement is coming in a few weeks when they release more screenshots that they announced.
-Superman-  +   1251d ago
How? I saw same thing on rockstar webpage, but then 10 min later it was gone
mafiahajeri  +   1252d ago
hmm hopefully around late december holiday season i heard their stock isn doing so well so mabe they cant affrd to delay it to 2013.
Blankman85  +   1252d ago
Can you imagine? CoD Vs Halo Vs GTA? That would be massive!
Only HD games this gen to sell 9 million and above on one console if VGChartz is to be believed.
3-4-5  +   1251d ago
Millions of gamers online daily. lol

Those 3 plus AC3 multiplayer and I'm set for online gaming for at least a year.
Blankman85  +   1251d ago
14 disagrees lol. What part of what I said was inaccurate? Fine I'll add Kinect Adventures to the list if it upsets you so much that I left it off
PS. I know it's because a certain console doesn't have an exclusive that has sold that much but we'll pretend its cause I left out Kinect Adventures
negative  +   1251d ago
Why do you care so much about disagrees? Is it that important to you?

Half of the people on here are ignorant morons anyway.
roadkillers  +   1251d ago
San Andreas, Halo 2, and MGS3 were all released within a month from each other. I remember because it was usually a fight between these three for Game of the Year.

It was back and forth for sales between San Andreas and Halo. Halo had a bigger launch, but San Andreas had longer legs. This was rare since I have never seen two amazingly huge games launch alongside each other.

So heres hoping we get a rematch San Andreas vs. Halo II.
sourav93  +   1251d ago
Why the 9 million milestone? Why not 5 million? or 10 million? Just seems like an odd sales figure.
Blankman85  +   1251d ago
Let me put it simpler then, they are the top 3 selling franchises on a single HD platform. If I had said 10 million then only CoD and Halo would qualify. If I had said 5 million then a whole lotta unrelated games would have qualified. 9 million is reserved for the elite 3.
@negative, note the lol after my comment about the number of disagrees. I don't particularly care for them, I've come to know that when you like a certain console on this site, disagrees come with the territory.
I only mentioned it just to point it out and let them know that I know the real reason they disagreed.
Gaetano  +   1252d ago
Q4 2012 technically includes the early months of 2013, so a March 2013 still seems likely.

It's not coming out in 2012.
chak_  +   1251d ago
I wonder why you're so sure of yourself.

We have no idea of the game's current state, nor do we have any idea about R* plans.
Rubberlegs  +   1251d ago
If GTA5 was set for fall/winter release for this year they would have said something by now. They would be hyping for it preorders and other talk to get people excited. I could see it coming out next spring since that's when GTA4 was released.
Crazyglues  +   1251d ago
@ Gaetano-MyMedia

No actually Q4 does not include early months of 2013 -that would be Q1

The results of Q4 are just released in the early months of the next year.. or early 2013 in this case so I can see how you could think that.

but the fourth Quarter of 2012 make up 3 months -Oct -Nov -Dec 2012

12 months in a year -each quarter breaks down like this..
Q1 -Jan,feb,march
Q2 -April,may,june
Q3 -july,Aug,Sept
Q4- Oct,Nov,Dec

So saying you will release in Q4 2012 would mean the game would come out on one of these 3 months.

OccludedGamer  +   1251d ago
That isn't how a business works it out though. Q4 runs up until March for a business. Which is why Q4 was the expected release window initially too
Crazyglues  +   1251d ago
@ OccludedGamer

Actually this is exactly how a business works.. -

mastershredder  +   1251d ago
Investopia is not a good reference to use (investment and stocks). Speaking from experience, this is not true for all business models. I know, I worked for a couple fortune 500 Companies (as well as my own) and had to wait out on countless quarters to end and close for a multitude of reasons.
gatormatt80  +   1251d ago
A fiscal quarter is different to what you are explaining Crazyglues. A fiscal 4th quarter for a typical business is usually the months of Jan. Feb. and March. But yes you are correct that a normal 4th quarter is Oct. Nov. and Dec.

So in comparison to release dates it all depends on if its a normal 4th Q, or if its the companies fiscal 4th Q.
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Crazyglues  +   1251d ago
@ gatormatt80 & mastershredder

very good point, as someone who does day-trading I tend to always think in terms of stocks & investment when I think about a business..

but yes you have a very good point.

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Koloss  +   1251d ago
It's called a "Fiscal year". Pretty much any 12 months in which a business do their financial reports and such. "Q4 2012" could very well be into 2013. June 2013, for example, could mean the last month of a 2012 fiscal year. It just depends on company or business.
Voyevoda  +   1252d ago
Did that page make that photo??
vortis  +   1252d ago
LOL @ 1080p

Oh when did the Xbox 360 and PS3 get more resources to handle those kind of resolutions for an open world game?

If CoD doesn't even run at 1080p on its love-console the 360, how on Earth will Rockstar get a game as huge and as gorgeous as GTA V get the game to run at that resolution for consoles?
LAWSON72  +   1251d ago
Wow you got disagrees sad ppl don't believe the facts.
vortis  +   1251d ago
Ha, some people have a hard time letting go.

It's okay, it's the way of the fanboy.

Also, I know some peeps are thinking the 1080p is for PC but PC resolutions don't work like that and 1080p is VEEEEEEERRRRRYYYY low in terms of resolution. That's usually the bottom of the barrel for PC monitor resolutions.
HammadTheBeast  +   1251d ago
I could either say they pushed the limits (unlikely, even Naughty Dog can't do 1080 and they put a lot of effort into trying), or that PC specs are there, and that are blended in with console specs.
DoomeDx  +   1251d ago
Actually im sure that (if naughty dogs want) they can push Uncharted 2 to 1080p. But it will suffer with some massive FPS drops. Because lets me honest here, Uncharted 2 is pretty much locked at 30FPS and never EVER dips below it. So who knows 1080p might work at the cost of alot of FPS.
slaton24  +   1251d ago
some games run 1080p i actually have some so yeah its possible and wow of course u had to use cod...that game deserves to rot with all its lag and arcade stylism....but on topic GTA5 will be awesome been waiting forever
DemonWolf  +   1251d ago
On the OXMONLINE.COM Rumor: XBOX 720 might see delay due to processor problems. The NEW XBOX 720 console is coming out next year so that saying, GTA V will be running on the XBOX 720 hopefully they fix the problem so we could see some GTA V Game Play. The XBOX 720 will have a PowerPC CHIP so that means better GRAPHICS & GAME PLAY.
Nocturne147  +   1252d ago
100% No way!

Agreed with Gaetano-MyMedia .
YodaCracker  +   1252d ago
This is a known fake. A simple changing of text that anyone with basic photo editing skills could pull off.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1252d ago
Did anybody notice the 64 player count online? Wow that would be awesome.
black911  +   1251d ago
If I see one more topic about this D$@n release date.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1251d ago
Would be nice but i doubt it's real. Im giving them time to make the best game they can.
claud3  +   1251d ago
Its not real, come on

Anyone believes this and any other accidental releaaed, release dates are fools
csreynolds  +   1251d ago
It's possible that "Q4 2012" could actually refer to Q4 of 2012's fiscal year, which ends on 31st March 2013. Personally, I think there's no chance of it hitting stores before next year. March 2013, however, is a plausible release window.
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claud3  +   1251d ago
Why is evryone want it this year. Are you all fools

You all know the game and that means all fake info, images, trailers, release dates and morons who fall for it.

Until rockstar release all officials images, trailers and release date. I will believe it then, until then all fake
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DemonWolf  +   1251d ago
If they FIX that processor problem on the NEW XBOX 720 and have it ready for 2013 than will see some GTA V Game Play, cause GTA V will be running on the XBOX 720
modesign  +   1251d ago
rockstar is screwed, release a game against COD, Halo, or release a game during GofW, the last of us, BIOSHOCK,
or wait until may/june when there is absolutely nothing coming out and profit like filthy greedy kings.
Detoxx  +   1251d ago
I would buy GTA V any day before any other game except for Battlefield 4 or Fallout 4.
Tontus  +   1251d ago
In what world is The Last of Us & Bioshock even remotely a threat to GTA V's sales? A new IP and a not so huge franchise won't affect GTA V sales at all. CoD & Halo will be the games that take some sales away if it launches at the same time this year, if it launches early next year only Gears of War: Judgment and God of War: Ascension are huge enough to be able to take away any sales from GTA V, obviously to a lesser degree than CoD & Halo.
FarCryLover182  +   1251d ago
Bioshock isn't a threat, but it is published by the same company. They will not want to kill sales by releasing them close to one another.
TheLyonKing  +   1251d ago
Am tryin not to get hyped but Q4 seems possible am sure there was an article that rock star predicted shares to rise steeply in march 2013 or something like that which slips in nicely for Q4 earnings.
Poroz  +   1251d ago

Says December 31, 2013???

This has been up for a bit, I surprised no one else has seen it, and called it out..

Regardless, if its not destructible, then its just like every other Sandbox style game. Saints row, GTA, Sleeping dogs, Mafia 2, Mafia, The god father, red faction. To me they are all the same shit different pile, and well this shit is getting OLD.
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Jumper09  +   1251d ago
May 2013 probably
SancLunatic  +   1251d ago
Not legit. It probably was published by Rockstar and even if it were to come out this year, it still doesnt mean anything in the games industry. Unless they put a solid date on the calendar which is the only thing that is valid in manufacturing terms, whenever they say Q4 2012 or something that is usually when they want to release or an internal set deadline that is made public. Not anything set in stone. These usually change.
DemonWolf  +   1251d ago
On other websides Rumor: XBOX 720 might see delay due to processor problems. The NEW XBOX 720 console is coming out next year so that saying, GTA V will be running on the XBOX 720 hopefully they fix the problem so we could see some GTA V Game Play.
xchamp  +   1251d ago
This is so fake I mean I took this screenshot this morning which is the real deal! /s
eliteslaya13  +   1251d ago
PS4 and 720. The power of Photoshop!
Nafon  +   1251d ago
whoa! PS4 and XBOX 720 Confirmed for 2012??!!!1/1!?1!?!1 NO WAY@#$!!!!

thank you for showing how easy it is.
jay2  +   1251d ago
Fake, they'd have a date not release window, if they'd said XX XX 12/13 yeah, more likely real.
JetsFool3500  +   1251d ago
4Q? Christmas Time Wouldn't Be A Bad Release Date
yuifhwhmnsnjs   1251d ago | Spam
BringingTheThunder  +   1251d ago
thats not a release date, its a very vague release quarter

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