Beneath a Steel Sky 2 announced as Broken Sword 5 Stretch Goal

Revolution Software explain on their Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter page what $1,000,000 will achieve:

$1M Bonus Stretch - Greenlight 'Beneath a Steel Sky 2'

"So where can we take you after fulfilling our ambition? For many years we have wanted to write a sequel to our 1994 classic adventure. If we reach this goal we will start work on this exciting, much-demanded project, and implement Easter eggs in Broken Sword: the Serpent's Curse, offering a glimpse of this futuristic dystopia."

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CroKiller1905d ago

That is great news! I really loved BASS!

NewMonday1905d ago

Beneath a Steel Sky 2 should get it's own Kickstarter, it's the one i'm more interested in

MrDead1905d ago

Beneath a Steel Sky 2 needs to be made, I loved the first one, still one of the best point click adventures ever made. I still have the original Amiga version, boxed with all 15 disks, manual, comic and Reich's little yellow security book…… is that sad?

MartyMcFly881905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Nope that's not sad at all - it's awesome!

My copy is just the basic big box Sold-Out version. :)

jrobbins1905d ago

Not played the 1st game, so will be playing tonight! hope i am in for a treat.

Dark_Overlord1905d ago

The first is available for free at Good Old Games :)