Death's Apprentice coming to Xbox 360

RPG fans rejoice! Independent developer BGG Production announced today that retro-style RPG Death's Apprentice will be getting getting a full retail release on Xbox 360, PS3, and subsequently the Wii U.

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Primal Rex2053d ago

I thought Deaths Apprentice was called Mort

3-4-52053d ago

Thumbs up for more oldschool JRPG's..

I can't stand the name though. It's so generic and uncreative.

What is with people who make games's, obsession with Death and all things dark and evil ?

Death isn't appealing.....please understand that.

azazel6652052d ago

I need more turn-based RPGs to be made. I hope that this will inspire other developers to at least make old-school styled RPGs if they don't have the resoruces to make a new gen game.

SpelunkyJunkie2051d ago

Agreed. I don't know what happened to the genre. The last great RPG like this I can remember is Lost Odyssey.

VideoGameGuru2051d ago

I loved this on PC. I tried it during the free-to-play period they ran for a short time. Those who missed it, lost out. It was one of the longest and most complex RPG titles I have ever seen. It had fun elements like the "Well of Souls" game.