Ubisoft shifts its digital rights management stance from stick to carrot

The French video game publisher Ubisoft hasn’t engendered a lot of goodwill with PC gamers over the years because of its aggressive digital rights management (DRM) policies. But the company made some big changes a year ago, and it wants gamers to understand that it is playing nicer these days.

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zeal0us2118d ago

If the games was "supposedly" getting pirated 93-95% of time then the DRMs really wasn't helping them.

sonicsidewinder2118d ago

Yet they won't admit that what they were doing was wrong.

Megaton2118d ago

Ubisoft has released Anno 2070 since their supposed shift date and it has horrendous DRM.

aliengmr2118d ago

Shifting from stupid DRM to saying 90% of your PC customers are criminals doesn't seem like a step in the right direction.

Ubisoft fooled me once, not happening again.