Watch the new Far Cry 3 video – “Psychopaths, Drugs & Other Dangers”

"Ubisoft's released a new video for Far Cry 3, and it just looks better and better with each passing view. Warning - this video contains sensitive material intended only for mature audiences."

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr31923d ago

Cant wait!!!! Hope it has the map editor....

nrvalleytime1923d ago

I just hope the AI and enemies make the game worthwhile.

Kingdom Come1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

The map editor has been confirmed along with a much slicker reputation system, unfortunately though, despite vehicles featuring in the Single-Player Campaign, Ubisoft has decided to remove them from the multiplayer, therefor, I doubt we'll be able to create race maps and such.

representj1923d ago

uncharted 3 blows this away

sopranosfanatic1922d ago

different game genres!! now leave!!!!!

Hazmat131923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

when they gonna show a video on there map editor?
Edit @REPRESENTJ troll fail. lol

nrvalleytime1923d ago

I'm guessing the map editor won't be shown until right before the game's release. It's rumored to be incredibly detailed, even letting you set flora as drugs/healing stations in multiplayer. That's awesome, if you ask me.

TCG_Returns1923d ago

Fuuucckk! this is looking so good.Everything i wanted from FC2