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Rumor: Microsoft cutting Xbox 360 Arcade price to €199 next week

According to a Dutch blog, Microsoft is planning to cut the price of the Xbox 360 to €199. This would make the Xbox 360 €50 cheaper than the Nintendo Wii. Recent rumors were suggesting that Microsoft was planning to cut the price right before the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV, to win more potential buyers.

According to the blog keeper, he has gotten word from a very reliable source close to Microsoft that the Xbox 360 Arcade will see a price cut to €199. This price cut would go in affect as of February 14. Microsoft decided to cut the price after Sony was reporting the PS3 would surpass the Xbox 360 in total sales about late summer 2008 in Europe.

Any plans for a price cut for the Premium and Elite models are highly likely according to the blog. No mention was given about a American price cut, and it seems this price cut is purely intended for Europe. (Xbox 360)

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Joey Gladstone  +   2803d ago
Does the Xbox 360 Arcade come with a Hard Drive??
honestly just wondering as the release of Devil May Cry (requiring a HD) is upon us...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"
Honeal2g  +   2803d ago
requires a harddrive?
are you kidding me ...plz explain how u have come that conslusion how on earth does this game require a hard drive ....why dont u spread ur propaganda in the open zone you dont belong here
Joey Gladstone  +   2803d ago
or am I mistaken???
anyone know if it was Burnout or DMC4 that requires it??? ...
......."The JOEY has Spoken"
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desolationstorm  +   2803d ago
DMC 4 on ps3 installs on hd, no metion of needing hd for 360 version. You do need a hd for full online play in burnout.
danarc  +   2803d ago
It was Burnout's online mode that required a hard drive Joey :D
Iron Man 2  +   2803d ago
It's too bad it doesn't even come with a hard drive,you can thank Microshaft for that...LMFAO!XD
DarkSniper  +   2803d ago
Desperation at it's finest.

InYourMom  +   2803d ago
desperation is cutting your price in the first year.. Not 3 years into production..

Sony says hello!
celticlonewolf  +   2803d ago
Devil may cry on the 360 doesnt require hard drive
mighty_douche  +   2803d ago
Keep the price, add a HDD.
Neurotoxin  +   2803d ago
That would be more sensible.

Cutting the Arcade/Core will happen in a years time i think as its holding the Microsoft and Game Developers back.
theoneandonly  +   2803d ago
Nothing desparate about competing.....
Sorry Sony fanboys but I think Microsoft has more than a few aces up its gun for Europe....

Shadow Harvest is ONLY for the 360 and there's a different PC port coming out too, plus Shadow Harvest is created by one of the top developers in Europe.

Its clear that games like Shadow Harvest, Too Human and Warhound will get very much noticed in Europe. Those thinking these games won't increase 360 sales didn't see the phenomenon of Grand Theft Auto 3 which swept over europe, and that will continue, with the games they got coming.

If you honestly think MS is not going to compete in Europe and isn't readying its big guns, you got another thing coming pretty fast. Europe is the main battleground this generation, and you can bet shipping more 360s all over the continent with a lower price sku was just the first step to throwing 360 sales through the roof in Europe.

Another major step would be Goldeneye on Xbox Arcade, followed by Perfect Dark #2 with unrivaled gameplay.
DarkSniper  +   2803d ago
One thing is for sure, it will sell more than that garbage Perfect Dark Zero.

SUPER360RPGWONDER  +   2803d ago
Hahahaha the Sony bots are so crazy lately!!!!
Garbage like PD zero which sold over a million copies worldwide, LOL I mean this isnt rocket science!!!!!!!

Come out of your little shell Sony girls, PD Zero didn't suck as much as Killzone sucked or it wouldn't be ahead by a million point five sales!!!!!!!

I predict Killzone 2 flops on its face, while we never see a game as crappy as PD Zero for the whole year!!!!!!! GAME ON!!!!!
ruibing  +   2803d ago
I've heard of the other two titles, but what is shadow harvest?
celticlonewolf  +   2803d ago
How did I get three disagrees on my comment lol it doesnt require a hard drive, the ps3 version does lol heck theres a big thread on this very topic in a nother part of this website lol fanboys
Bladestar  +   2803d ago
What does that tell you about this site?

I got banned for 48 hours the other day because I said Sony's stocks are down... though I showed proof with charts and all... you are lucky they didn't report you and get you banned for a week...
Bladestar  +   2803d ago
There is also a rumor that microsoft is planning to drop the price of all their peripherals... that includes the hard drives... if microsoft price the hard drive for $50 (though you can buy it on ebay for less)...

ohh and yeah.. it's obvious that if this is true.. microsoft will drop the price of the premium and the elite... Thing will get very interesting if these rumors turn out to be true... probably forcing Sony to drop the price of the PS3...

"Microsoft decided to cut the price after Sony was reporting the PS3 would surpass the Xbox 360 in total sales about late summer 2008 in Europe" now, Sony why did you have to open your mouth... didn't you know the competition would do something about it?
mighty_douche  +   2803d ago
$50 for a 20gb HDD? no thanks, especailly when they probably cost M$ about 5 cents.
travelguy2k  +   2803d ago
This is more than likely
only going to affect Europe. As Microsoft is no as strong a seller there as it is in the US they need to make it more atractive to prospective buyers. If they do this though i think Sony will follow suit (in Europe only) as it is already higher priced over there than it is here.
KILLERAPP   2803d ago | Spam
JohnRico  +   2803d ago
If it is over then why is Sony still in 3rd place ?
KILLERAPP  +   2803d ago
Because you don’t see the big picture here this year MS is looking bad by next year they will be in third place and Sony in second as simple as that.
niall77  +   2803d ago
would a price cut be "desperate" and a sign of weakness?
or does that only count for sony now?
InYourMom  +   2803d ago
Because the system is in it's third year and it is due a price cut. While Sony cut's their price in the first year, which could be seen as "desperate".

The 360 has managed to keep its launch price longer than any other prior console.
cmrbe  +   2803d ago
Please change your name. Anyways the x360 price was lower than the PS3 only until MS introduce the elite When MS had a SKU more expensive than the PS3's cheapest SKU. MS didn't have to lower their price because it was for the most time last year was 200 less than the PS3 and it had a lot of games. Sony on the other hand had to lower the price of the PS3 because it was out of reach of the ordinay people which show in the first six months sales.
InYourMom  +   2803d ago
MS needs to do this to open the flood gates on the PS3 and make that gap even wider.

You can always add the harddrive to the Arcade SKU whenever you want to take that step. The machine is targeted at the casual gamer who just wants to get into "next-gen" gaming at the cheapest price possible.
ceedubya9  +   2803d ago
Good move if true
But the real buy will be on the premium if they bring it down close to 279. No need to wait until GTA releases. If the price is already there, then people will buy it anyway. Price is Microsoft's main ace right now. They have to use it to their advantage while they still have the time. The longer they wait, the more time they give Sony to gain ground.
Salvadore  +   2803d ago
Arcades are already cheap
Cut the price on 1st party peripherals instead.
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ceedubya9  +   2803d ago
The main reason I haven't upgraded my HDD is because of the rediculous pricing. 20 gigs fills up fast, and I can't take advantage of all Live has to offer because I refuse to pay almost 200 bucks for 120 gigs. I'm not even going to get into the Wi-fi adapter...
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2803d ago
I understand the concept of the xbox360 arcade and giving it price cuts so it can kind of compete with Nintendo's price of the Wii.... I just wish they could have somehow swallowed the costs of the HDD and added it (but in different space sizes) to every SKU.
Meus Renaissance  +   2803d ago
Considering the "hardcore" reputation the box has, and the lack of family orientated games, I don't understand why they keep pushing the Arcade to this level. It will not compete with the Wii at all.

Drop the price of the Premium and Elite to fight for Europe.
KILLERAPP  +   2803d ago
What is a shame is that the PS3 at 600 dollars beat the 360 with the best gaming line up and I have a 360 is just the truth.
ceedubya9  +   2803d ago
Playstation is a well-known brand
You can't expect company that is fairly new to the market to just come in and completely dominate the previous king of the last few generations. If there had been any other name on that blu-ray console other than "Sony Playstation," it would not have lasted any longer than a year, tops. Initially, the PS3 sold off of brand name alone. The Xbox brand is still making a name for itself. It has caught on in America, and is doing OK in Europe. But Japan just won't accept the console. If the 360 could get at least half the sales in Japan that the PS3 does, the current situation would be quite different.
cmrbe  +   2803d ago
Sony unseated Nin as the console king with its first console the PS1.MS already has the xbox. Too say that people buy the PS3 because it has sony's name on it is kinda insulting to millions of people that bought the PS3 because they know Sony delivers the standard of entertainment they expect and more like they did with the PS1 and PS2.
paul_war  +   2803d ago
Its funny, if thats true then the Arcade will be about £175, whereas the 120gb HDD will be £130!

That HDD really needs to come down in price, I want to get one but not at that price.
JohnRico  +   2803d ago
Hey Dark Idiot what do you call it when Sony lowers its price ? It works both ways not one you idiot. It is also desperation when Sony does it. If I were you I would just shut up & join The Sony Defense Force & leave this site alone & lets not forget you moron that Sony has lowered the PS3s price MORE TIMES then Microsoft lowered the 360s price.
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KILLERAPP  +   2803d ago
No gaming console has ever won without Japan and maybe the 360 is wining in the US but by how much 20,000 or 40,000 the gap will close by the end of this year and remember Europe is bigger than the US and even more the 360 is not betting the PS3 as much as the PS3 is beating the 360 in Japan and by the end of the year Sony will be at a par with the 360 in US just like EA said and the analyst. I own all consoles so will enjoy everything but will you.
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Willio  +   2803d ago
I know you were heated and replied frantically, but can you please use some periods? its difficult to read run-on sentences with poor facts. Use spell check... the option is there...

In addition, xbox360 is ahead of PS3 by 6 million console hardware sales. On the other hand, the PS3 on a world weekly sales were outselling the xbox360's by 65,000 to 42,000 according to VGchartz. But i think thats only in Europe.

As for both consoles being *desperate and lowering prices.* Honestly, who cares? its better for us all. its not like both MS and Sony are gonna dissapear.
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Gina-get-u  +   2803d ago
I would prefer that they just phase out the arcade and price the premium/pro at the arcade's current msrp. That way, they can finally drop the price of the add-on HDDs and allow everybody who got suckered into buying the core/arcade to upgrade on the cheap. Then they should allow devs to require a hard drive for games if they want to.

However, if the Arcade allows them to actually undercut the wii on price, I can see why MS would want to keep it around. The Arcade is is a way for the 360 to hit mass market pricing (below $200) as early as possible. With the way things are going, price may be the most effective competetive advantage MS has left against the PS3.
Teabag Sony  +   2803d ago
How come the PS3 hasn't outsold the 360 yet? I was just wondering because it's 2008 and all of last year all the PS3 boys kept on saying "wait till 2008".
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mighty_douche  +   2803d ago
well if im right, its out sold the 360 every week of 2008.

i dont think 4 weeks is really enough time to sell an extra 8 million consoles.
karlostomy  +   2803d ago
a xbox360 for less than a wii?
Hot damn!
How silly would you be if you bought a wii instead now?
Teabag Sony  +   2803d ago
Dark Sniper is nothing more than a light crap shot who couldn't hit the side of a barn.
travelguy2k  +   2803d ago
i'm sure Microsoft will
allow developers to make HDD mandatory. Thats how they will be able to keep saying "we have the highest accessory attach rate this gen.".
the main reason it higher than anyione else is because they don't include anything, and then they spin it saying "we give you choice." Thans like saying: batteries not included give you the choice of what kind to use.
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Greysturm  +   2803d ago
It be interested to see if they managed to renegociate...
The deals with the outsorce producers of the the components so as to lower prices or if they are gonna bite the bullet in an effort to keep the second market which is key to either their sucess or downfall in the console wars. So far the data this years show the ps3 gaining to much ground in europe for them to be feeling confortable since that is the market that mainly defines who sells more worldwide which since the end of last year it has been on sonys side.
kewlkat007  +   2803d ago
@ceedubya9 14.1
Now there is a smart thinking fella....

This is what it has been all along...MS struggling to make a name for itself while sony have been selling on name/loyalty for the last 6 years, as well as Nintendo for the last 20. tough uphill battle.

Some are right, they should be cutting the price of some of their peripherals.(They are raping gamers fo sho).

A $200 + GT4 bundle xbox 360 would go a long, long way...
whoelse  +   2803d ago
lol, how 'reliable'
sak500  +   2803d ago
Dark sniper the only sniper in the world shooting with desert eagle.

Here's a clip of dark getting trained.

Related video
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InYourMom  +   2803d ago
That was funny.. +Bubbles

I have a Desert Eagle and they do have some kick, but not enough to smack yourself in the face. She just wasn't ready for it.
name  +   2803d ago
How come when the PS3 drops it's price it's desperate, but no one here has mentioned this about the 360?
kewlkat007  +   2803d ago
"name" Did you miss InYourMom's 8.1 comment>?
In response to "niall77's" comment.. See!!!....it's that simple.
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