NBA 2K Everywhere Brings NBA Experience Everywhere

2K Sports has announced that it will be releasing a mobile companion app, Facebook social game, and a full featured mobile version of NBA 2K13 with NBA 2K Everywhere.

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teedogg802114d ago

Why o why is this not coming to the Vita!?

objdadon2114d ago

Same thing I keep asking! They could literally port the whole game over to the vita!

VitaOwner2114d ago

Both of you beat me to the punch. They make a PSP version and a Facebook version but no ps vita version?! Fail

2pacalypsenow2114d ago

i want a basketball game to the vita! dammit

PopcornJones2114d ago

NBA 2K12 for XBox 360 and PS3 was da truth, and it looks like NBA 2K13 will be better.

That said, NBA 2K12 for the iPhone/iOS was TURRRRRIBLE. NBA 2K13 for the iPhone/iOS's gotta do a lot to do to redeem the app.