WGB: Darksiders II - Review

Baden of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "A fantastic, thrilling adventure game from start to finish, this is one you shouldn’t miss and undoubtedly one of the best games of the year."

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Ares84HU1995d ago

Awesome game!!! 3 more trophies for me and got the Platinum.

WolfLeBlack1995d ago

It is pretty damn awesome. I'm looking forward to getting some time to myself to finish up all the Achievements, which is something I usually don't bother with!

Ares84HU1995d ago

They are mostly pretty fun to get other than the ones where you have to collect stuff for. But there is only three of those so no worries. Good luck by the way!!

Apocwhen1995d ago

Absolutely brilliant.
Love the art style, gameplay is great and the soundtrack is impressive too.