FIFA 13 Gameplay Footage Unleashed

Clickonline writes: "With FIFA 13 approaching, a number of YouTubers were brought to EA’s UK office to try out the game and capture some footage. After all, who can show off the game better to interested players than those who love the game? The elite group included wepeeler, Nepenthez, KSIOlajidebt, Calfreezy, Kazooie94, airjapesfifa, fifaralle, iduel2010, ph1lp0tt0 and Diabl0x9. So if you’re looking to see how FIFA 13 will pan out, look no further than the playlist below. More footage will be uploaded over the next few days, so stay tuned for more."

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b163o12052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Been with FIFA since 06, I see no reason to break tradition.

S/N When did Robinho start play for Barcelona? /sarcasm

3-4-52052d ago

Been with Fifa since same here.

Game looks awesome . Can't wait to start my Manager mode, Create a team ..ect...

Wh15ky2050d ago

FIFA 98 - FIFA 2003
Pro Evo 2 - Pro Evo 6
FIFA 08 - present

I don't see any advantage to me as a gamer/ consumer in pledging allegiance to one franchise for the sake of it. FIFA is a better game at the moment.

Belking2052d ago

To much arcade game play for me.

Fasttrack762052d ago

Can I have the game now plz pretty plz