Skyrim Hearthfire – How To Build a House

SegmentNext - "Do you want to build a house in Skyrim? Of course, you do. If you need help building a house of your dreams in a game of your dreams, refer to this guide for everything you will need to build that house".

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claud31964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Build my own house so i can live in on my own... no point for followers, wife or kids. They are completely pointless

OneAboveAll1963d ago

Actually they aren't. A wife will usually own a shop such as Ysolda and will even give you a cut of what she makes. Leave for a couple days and come back and you will find 1500 to 5000 easy gold.

Children also bring you things. (some things that are hard to get a hold of from my experience)

The steward can help you get a horse and even supplies. Saying they are pointless is just moronic.

Baka-akaB1963d ago

cash is already painfully too easy to come by .... so yeah they are kinda pointless

OneAboveAll1963d ago

If you area high level and already have the gold then yes. At which point you should probably start a new game.

Again, not pointless.

ado9081963d ago

Lol anybody else thought it said "How to build a horse"?

Emilio_Estevez1963d ago

2 horsemeat, moon sugar and a wisp wrap.

ado9081963d ago

LOL! And you get shadowmere

claud31963d ago

I have seen it in action, and it seems you have unlimited building ability