God of War PS Vita Remote Play now Available

Starting today people who fire up God of War Collections on your PS3 will be prompted to download a Patch Update that enables PS Vita Remote Play across GOW 1 and 2.

Is this an indication for an Imminent GOW game on the Vita.


ICO, Shadow of The Colossus also updated for Remote Play on the Vita.

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shreeveera2057d ago

Love to watch Kratos rip heads to shreds on the Gorgeous VITA Oled screen.

Though there were a few lag issues while playing the game on the Vita via remote Play, it might be due to a slower internet connection.

HarryMasonHerpderp2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

I just tried it and the lag made it practically unplayable. Not happy about this >_>
It worked fine for a bit but I was expecting it to work a lot better.
By the way I have a good internet connection and my PSone collection worked a lot smoother.

Ju2056d ago

Works just fine with me on a G WiFi network (local only). Couple of hick ups here and there. But not "unplayable" by any means.

guitarded772056d ago

I've had absolutely no lag... it probably is your internet speed.

Tired2057d ago

Just tested mine, works fine over remote play-private network. Stuttered a bit at first, first cutscene had a little screen tear, seems to have gotten into it's noticable lag.

Not tried over the internet yet.

Would have thought it would have been fullscreen though.

GribbleGrunger2057d ago

Can't you hold the screen down and adjust that?

Tired2057d ago

That just brings up the Ps3 power symbol the ps button and some settings.

The settings change the image quality and assign buttons.

There was a fullscreen option in the GoW options settings that made it a little bigger, but still slightly smaller than the vita screen.

It's not a huge gripe...i'm as happy as pig in @"#£ to be able to play anything by remote play.

fanboygamer2057d ago

Maybe the image resolution isn't so high to keep the connection more stable. Well haven't got a clue how remote play works.


I actually misunderstood what you said at first, thought you told him to put your face closer to the screen. LOL.

morganfell2056d ago

Ran it both ways and I am thrilled. There was one hitch in the opening movie for a few seconds and it was actually on the Private Network. That's odd. WTH?

The Internet was smooth for both the movie and the gameplay. I have a 50MB connection, not the fastest but the game was very slick. Damn this kicks.

Ju2056d ago

Double Tab scales to fill the screen. But a little border remains.

pixelsword2056d ago

If you want fullscreen, move it closer to your face.

I'm kidding.

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badz1492056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Gonna try it later and see how it looks. But these are old games and I've played through these several times. Hope Sony will make this feature available for new games too.

ThanatosDMC2056d ago

My upload speed sucks too much to do it via wifi but it works fine using the PS3 private connection.

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myps42057d ago

I want a full fledged GOW game on the Vita.

GOW + AC liberation + KILLZONE vita = Guaranteed SALES

TheMasterShake2057d ago

drop killzone then you got guaranteed sales

r212057d ago

KZ Mercernary looks way better than CoD BO Declassified and hopefully it'll play better than it too. 4 vs 4, hah! GG prove Nihilistic wrong.

fanboygamer2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Nothing wrong with 4 vs 4 imo.
Just makes a game more suitable for smaller maps.
Didn't Gears prove that a small number of people in multiplayer can still be fun?

DarkHeroZX2057d ago

Uuh Killzone is a big franchise for Sony, to not put such a great game on the vita would be suicide.

avengers19782056d ago

If sony gets a good cloud gaming service and you can play basically anything on vita then everyone will have one...
But God of War and Killzone, and Infamous would help, but so would more new IPs that can only be played on vita would really really help sales... because thats what drives a consoles sales of any kind the fact that there are gaming experiences that can only be had on said console...
Sony would be wise to get more games that are new and original to the vita

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Godchild10202056d ago

Grand Theft Auto would guarantee sales as well. I expect the white Vita in the states to help sale the Vita.

GribbleGrunger2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

people have been complaining constantly about this feature being missing, so let's see how many people find a way of complaining regardless now that it's there on this game and clearly coming on others.

SAE2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Its only 2 games -.-"

But its a start ^^

Edit : i thought its god of war 3 xD , another game that should have been ported

stuna12057d ago

Didn't you know there will always be someone there to complain regardless of what is being done right in exchange for something not being done right! The fact that Sony is taking advantage of the cross play feature is a testament to the fact that they are trying to support it.

JellyJelly2056d ago

If it doesn't work as promised I could see why people are complaining. And why not? Complaining might make them improve the service.

What exactly does it do? Do you have to have the game running on your PS3 in order to play it on the Vita? And is it via Wi-fi? Which means you basically can't leave your home in order for it to work? If that's the case then there's no real reason to play it on the Vita instead of the PS3. Completely useless almost.

Cryptcuzz2056d ago

You can wake up the ps3 and use remote play anywhere in the world no matter how far away you are as long as you have internet via WiFi.

You need to pair your vita and ps3 first of course.

Then when the ps3 is turned off, it is still barely on waiting to sense a signal to have it turned on remotely.

Red_Orange_Juice2057d ago

I'd rather have dedicated VITA game, PSP ones were good

shreeveera2057d ago


KILLZONE Vita @Gamescom looked Loads better than the Call Of Duty abomination.

TheMasterShake2057d ago

im not fan of killzone so don't take it personal. & I've been pretty vocal about COD Declassified. like i said in another article if sony wouldn't have closed Zipper down, they could have done COD Declassified. but instead sony gets a mediocre dev like nihilistic to do the game. which baffles me.

DarkHeroZX2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

COD is ass. Whether it looks and plays like the console version or not I'd never buy it. KZ or battlefield are much better candidates for the vita.

DarkHeroZX2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

but a good dragonball z game needs to also make its way to the vita as well.

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