Pervert ruins Minecraft PAX party for blonde girl

Notch's Minecraft party overshadowed by a gaming pervert who shared boob photos and exposed his privates in front of blonde girl!

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MsDevil2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

That's just unacceptable behaviour. That guy needs to serve some jail time!

Hatsune-Miku2090d ago

Sounds like an acceptable behaviour, in prison or the animal kingdom.

mafiahajeri2090d ago

well its a party here people are drinking excess amount of alchohol so what do you expect? nothing good can from it. if you dont want these things to happen dont go especially if your a girl.

Pushagree2090d ago

You do have a point, but the fact is that if you can't hold your booze, maybe you shouldn't be drinking at all. I'm sure the guy did not know what he was doing and was ashamed when he sobered up, but he still willingly put himself in a state where he knew he might get himself in trouble if he did. Don't try to shift the blame on the girl for simply going to the party. It was the drunken moron who should get the blame here.

Dee_912089d ago

pics or it didnt happen

Wenis2089d ago

I don't want to see pics myself but if you do thats okay

Reverent2089d ago

@Wenis, what Dmarc said is just a meme. I don't think he actually wants to see the pictures the article is talking about.

Dmarc did do a great job of using that at an appropriate opportunity though.

M_Prime2089d ago

Am i the only one here that thinks its not really important to know what her hair colour was?

and i bet there would never be a headline that says "Pervert ruins Minecraft PAX party for redhead boy"

unkn0wn2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

@ reverent - bronie

Did anyone else read the story and see the girl comment confused because the picture they used isn't hers and she didn't see the point in mentioning her hair color..

fatstarr2089d ago

Can anyone say new Episode of Law In Order SVU?

snipes1012089d ago

Yeah that makes sense. The girls should stay in because slobbering idiots like this are running wild. How about the guy in question grows the hell up and learns something about personal space and decency?

insomnium22089d ago

I work as sucurity on bars and such and the other night 2 guys (around 35-50 yo) were peeing out in public and when a girl (around 16-20 yo) minding her own business walked by they started shouting "here's a cock for you" and showing their dicks to her. She naturally just kept on going and didn't even look but that kind of behaviour is pretty depressing and sad.......and oh so normal when people drink too much.

Do they deserve a slap on the face? Absolutely. Can you do it? Absolutely not.

insomnium22089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I work as security on bars and such and the other night 2 guys (around 40-50 yo) were peeing out in public and when a girl (around 16-18 yo) minding her own business walked by they started shouting "here's a cock for you" and showing their dicks to her. She naturally just kept on going and didn't even look but that kind of behaviour is pretty depressing and sad.......and oh so normal when people drink too much.

Do they deserve a slap on the face? Absolutely. Can you do it? Absolutely not. Sad but true but there is nothing you can do.

Pozzle2089d ago


Call me crazy, but imo guys AND girls should be able to go to parties (with or without booze) and have a good time without being harassed or groped by ANYONE.
The idiots who can't handle their alcohol are the ones who should stay at home. It's not fair to blame the girl just because she dared to leave her house with the expectation of having a good time.

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cleft52090d ago

This shit happens all the time over XBL. Funny how upset people are getting when it happens in the real world, yet they brush it off as nothing when it happens over the internet. Yes what this guy did was wrong and it's wrong when it happens over the internet too.

LightSamus2090d ago

You've been forced to grope an actual penis through Xbox Live? Pray tell how such a thing is possible.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2090d ago

I would love to see the links that show this happening all the time on Xbox Live. You have links for it happening ALL the time?

Let me guess... it never happens on PSN though right? You were only forced to touch a penis all the time on Xbox Live.

LOL.. .love it!

AvatarTwasCheesy2090d ago

Yeah.. I think that's the point where you should get out of the house more, you know confusing Xbox Live and reality is worrying in many cases.

Computersaysno2090d ago

She is a bit of a liar though.

Penis size does matter :D

Yodagamer2090d ago

@lightsamus, welcome to the newest feature of kinect :P

SilentNegotiator2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

"You've been forced to grope an actual penis through Xbox Live? Pray tell how such a thing is possible"

That sounds like the absolute best fanboy article parody on the planet.
"How I got molested on Xbox Live; the worst game service in existence"

tiffac0082089d ago

"You've been forced to grope an actual penis through Xbox Live? Pray tell how such a thing is possible."

Kinect must be one heck of a tech, if your able to do that.

cleft52089d ago

To clarify, I meant the sexual harassment part happens all the time and I didn't solely mean XBL. I am saying that sexual harassment happens online all the time over the various gaming platforms and largely it get's ignored until one or two groups draws attention to the problem. Then those few groups are attacked with all sort of nasty comments.

But congratz on taking the easy road and making some tacky jokes. The joke was actually funny the first and second time it was made, everything that precede those two just show how stupid most people on the internet can be. Nothing like hiding behind a computer and acting like a big man.

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subtenko2090d ago

Great..more f''d up news in the world, in one of my favorite hobbies at that too; gaming. We need these people to gtfo! Put em all in a separate state we reserve for them and fence the place up xP

pompombrum2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Server jail time? that's funny.. I've lost count the amount of times I've had women come onto me while drunk in nightclubs and randomly run their hands down my abs and trying to slip their hands down my jeans. Don't even get me started on the amount of women who have rubbed their tits against me on the dance floor.

Not that I'm complaining, most of the time I love it but why is it that when a guy does this it's disgusting but somehow women can get away with it? This happens all the freaking time whenever there is parties and alcohol.. anyone who goes out drinking on a saturday night will see this happen at least 2-3 times if they look out for it.

ravinash2090d ago

It's ok for girls to do it because the a) the guy usually likes it b) the guy is usually bigger and can walk away if not interested.

If a guy does it to a girl, it's a lot more scary for her because you have a much stronger person trying to over power you and it's usually worse than a little bit of flirting.

Flirting is fine, it's just when the guy or girl does not take no for an answer.

DragonKnight2090d ago

"Not that I'm complaining, most of the time I love it."

That's exactly why it's different. You would be hard pressed to find any guy in the whole world who would even complain if a woman actually raped him (which is definitely possible), let alone complain about a girl pressing her boobs up against him. Is there anyone even just here alone who would stand up in all honesty and say "if some girl pressed her boobs up against me I'd feel violated and offended?" Hell no. And if they did say that, they aren't being honest.

However, if any girl did that to you and you DIDN'T like it, then it's the same as this girl who didn't like her hand being put on some perverts penis. Especially after she mentioned so many times that she has a boyfriend. If a person DOESN'T like it, it's not allowed. Simple as that. Just because it happens when people get drunk doesn't mean it's acceptable.

jeeves862090d ago

If you're comparing your personal experiences to what happened to this girl, you're deluding yourself if you think she liked it. She didn't like it at all. Particularly if you forced her to do it, like this guy allegedly did.

Fez2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

How would you feel if some fat munter forced your hand onto her sweaty, fishy vagina in a club... no big deal or disgusting?

Tbh I wouldn't write a blog about it and be emotionally scarred, I'd probably just go wash my hands and laugh at the drunken mess but still, completely unacceptable to force someone to do something they don't want to do.

Servbot412090d ago

Double Standards. Women want equality while also being special flowers with rules and benefits allowed only to them.

Tameel12089d ago

Is it really a double standard though? Unless a girl is unsually strong or big, men generally have the advantage of being able to walk away or physically move the offending girl away. But I've been to clubs and seen instances where girls get physically dragged away from their friends or groped by someone without their permission. And they don't have the physical advantage that guys do, so there's not much they can do about it if the guy doesn't want to let them go. So I guess the only thing they can do is verbally complain.

I don't think it's a double standard to admit that guys and girls have different advantages/disadvantages. In fact I think it's a little silly that so many feminists think we should all be treated exactly the same. What's wrong being treated as equals while ALSO acknowledging our differences and accepting that one gender can't do everything the other gender can do, and vice versa.

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SkyGamer2090d ago

Unacceptable? Just look at your avatar pic! And look at the blonde! She is clearly out of line herself. Her boobs look like they are going to fall out. Might as well not even wear a top at all! Remember this is America! Land of the free and if you don't like it, get the "F" out.

Getowned2090d ago

I don't know if its true or not but if you read the comments on the article, The girl they're talking about and asked why they didn't use a picture of her. So that picture isn't her.


I like the article, but mentioning the color of my hair and then the picture of someone that isn't me is kind of...confusing?"

thats her facebook, she really cute actually. I can't believe someone would do that to her or anyone, what happened to dignity, honor, and pride ?

Some people should learn some manners and to have respect for everyone even strangers.

SkyGamer2089d ago

I do agree with being decent towards one another but that is a choice. I can't force anyone to be nice to me or others.
Besides I hate double standards. Why is it ok for her to show so much because "she's pretty" but a guy can't just be funny, "probably his intention or maybe a bet"? True a guy should be more of a gentlemen but somethings are egged on and deserved.
Let's say this girl dresses really skimpy but then hates it when guys make passes at her. Who's fault is that? She dresses that way to get attention. It is like knowing that fire is hot but putting your hand into it. Well guess what, chances are you gonna get burned...

Getowned2089d ago

I see what you're saying I agree as well, but in my experience most girls who do dress slutty want the attention. Don't be be shy have a little chat with her she wants the attention and most likely most guys are to shy so take your chance (but be careful), but dont whip out your knob and grab her hand to try and make her polish it, be a gentleman. I agree when a girl dresses that way and is a snob about you talking to her than shes not even worth the time, shes just trolling or a mean little she devil, girls like that need some physiological help.

PopRocks3592089d ago


Naturally. Blame the victim. Stay classy.

SkyGamer2089d ago

It's just that it's not all his fault. Put it this way. If someone antagonises someone into punching them in the face and eventually wham! They got punched in the face, some would say they had it coming.

Petro2089d ago

So.. if you happen to see a hot girl on the streets in the middle of monday, its fine that you get your junk out of your pants and make her touch it? I would call this sexual harassment, and yes sexual harassment is only considered sexual harassment when the victim feels like he or she has been victimized.

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ajax172090d ago

Behavior* fuck that British shit spelling.

Getowned2089d ago


Amercans spelling things wrong since 1776

I always wondered why Amercans changed how some words are spelt.

I know many good Amercans that are great people and vary smart, but its Amercans like you that give them a bad reputation.

I'm sure you could of found a better way to say what you did without being so ignorant, or not have said anything at all. I know its the internet and you want to be a hardcore internet gangster but learn some manners kid, please.

nerdkiller2089d ago

@getowned some things in american sound better then in english form my best example is ass, sounds a lot better then arse... dont you agree?

Getowned2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

lol "In American" That drives me crazy when some one says to a non-English speaking person "do you speak American" like REALLY!.. whats wrong with " do you speak English" words are spelt differently but it's the same language, even though I like the British spellings more(blame my Brittish blood for that)

Arse vs Ass, well imo I use arse actually about fairly as often as ass(as well as call my little brother an "arsehole" everyday). I think arse is more fun and in most cases taken less offensively. I'm not an a English expert I actually have a really hard time with spelling, grammar, and punctuation but I have improved over the past two years thankfully. I try hard to get better but I'm not great. lol

mostly I don't care even what version be it American English or English I'll accept both. I just hate when people are rude and ignorant for no reason at all like Mr. ajax17 here, theres no need for it. It's not like someone was attacking him or trying to make him mad, he probably just wants to sound cool and be an internet punk gangster (look at his comment history, "F this, F that, F'ing this" )... like we need more of those, if we run out we know where to find him. LOL

nerdkiller2089d ago

man i read it wrong i thought it said pervert blond girl..
got me all excited over nothing

Flavor2089d ago

She said he was ASIAN.... must be a foreign engineering student experiencing angry panda syndrome.

davidmccue2089d ago

Here's the 'blonde girls' account of what happened:

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C L O U D2090d ago

Well...I guess he's about that life

Convas2090d ago

He forced her to touch it? WTF?!

Why didn't she deliver a swift kick to his exposed genitals?

FinaLXiii2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

because he would enjoy it xD

vork772089d ago

he is lucky i was not that or i send him into a creeper well another creeper that is lol

FinaLXiii2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

The guy probably likes doing this as an hobby lol.

DemonsSoulsUK2090d ago

Deserves a prison sentence or a lengthy time in the nut house. The man obviously shouldn't be allowed around human beings. As if the security guard just shrugged it off!

MiyagiSPG2090d ago

"nut house" I'm sure the guy who did this has other ideas of what a nut house is :P

Namely his nuts in a house T_T