PSN Offline Next Monday – Scheduled Maintenance

G4MERS: "Next Monday PSN is going offline for several hours. PSN maintenance is scheduled for September 10th."

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dazzrazz1924d ago

It only does... maintenance

galgor1924d ago

Ever think all this maintenance could be them prepping for the launch of a new system next year?

GribbleGrunger1924d ago

Or the introduction of Gaikai

Persistantthug1924d ago

There is no PS4 coming in 2013.

Blankman851924d ago

What are you on about man? PSN goes down for maintenance every month or so and it usually has nothing to do with getting ready for a new system or whatever being launched.
That's just how PSN was built, it needs to be taken offline to be maintained. XBL maintenance happens stealthly.

decrypt1924d ago

Why so much maintenance, i hardly ever see Steam down for maintenance.

The comment by Red_Orange_Juice is spot on, SCEE is run by Monkeys.

GribbleGrunger1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

They don't just have to deal with PS3 now though. They have Vita and the soon to be released PSmobile. That integration will not be easy particularly because it also has to work on other Android systems such as Wikipad and Phones. Steam only has to cater for PCs and LIVE only has to cater for 360s. Think about it

BrutallyBlunt1924d ago


I've had a Playstation 3 for years, long before Vita came around, and this downtime has been happening since PSN was launched.

You're argument is the equivalent to iTunes being down because of the new IPad or new IPhone. Which of course is not the case.

Even the original SOCOM on the Playstation 2 had regular downtime for maintenance.

Blankman851924d ago

Gribble, really? Come on bro! PSN was just built that way. XBL also has Windows Mobile and it almost never goes down for maintenance. It just boils down to how the network was built.(poorly)

Nutsack1924d ago

But yet the EU PS+ lacks in its updates. While USA already got them. How about that Slowny?

r211924d ago

Must the same for Asian stores, japanese monkeys most likely as most of the content is freaking Japanese. Not that many English title :C

sandman2241924d ago

I don't feel bad for Europe. They still got dead space 2 and motorstorm apocalypse, oh yeah they also got deux x. So that's to bad if they didn't get there ps+ update yet.

Nutsack1924d ago

@ Sandman

Normal price is 50 Euro, aka something like 70 USD. So we pay 20 USD more a year than SCEA. I think we deserve some extra content for that already, as we also get shafted on console prices, cost the same in Euro as in USA, same with retail games, we pay 60 Euro, while you pay 60 USD.

So that. And one can't get Deus X anymore if one starts subscription now.
Only cool thing is that there is a 25% rebate on PS+ starting today till 19th.

GribbleGrunger1924d ago

Start writing those 'hacked' articles now people. Save yourself some time.

Pwnage2u1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

And expect articles of PSN being hacked again on Monday.


hmm something telling me that ps3 system update version 4.30 is coming next week?

One of the main features of the update is a increase to the ps+ online storage 150MB to 1GB

RustInPeace1924d ago

Is that just a rumor or was that reported? Not calling you a liar, just want to sift thru truths/rumors... Slightly on/off topic, I want to know what it means when an update "improves the playback of some titles" (or however they word it every time...). Is that all encompassing or just certain titles (like F:NV with its constant crashes)?


Didn’t u watch sonys gamescom 2012 press conference? They said that the increase to the ps+ online storage would be in sep
And often they do maintenance before system updates

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