Top 5 Xbox LIVE Arcade Titles of the Year So Far

"The gaming industry is entering into a new generation where downloadable titles rule right alongside major releases. The flexibility for independent developers to publish their product on a highly popular platform like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or mobile device has now become more accessible than ever, and the industry, and gamers, are reaping the benefits."

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TifaLockheart2056d ago

I am still playing Spelunky.

Yi-Long2056d ago

... Where's Trials Evolution!? Where's Fez!?

SpelunkyJunkie2056d ago

Those games are great too, but when you are only able to fit 5 titles into the list, some sacrifices have to be made.

UltimaEnder2056d ago

Summer is usually the strongest time for XBLA releases so we'll see what comes the rest of the year...

JellyJelly2056d ago

There was plenty of great titles released on XBLA before summer as well.

Games like Trials Evolution, Diabolical Pitch, Splatters, Sine Mora, Shoot many robots, Nexuiz, Alan Wakes American Nightmare. Quarrel and more were released earlier this year.

Every month there's at least 2-3 exclusives on XBLA, and usually many of them are pretty good as well.

LaurenKB1232056d ago

Dust was my favorite of the Summer!

amandadyar2056d ago

Yeah, I didn't get as much time to play some of them like I would like. Least have the rest year to enjoy them. :-)

optimus2056d ago

Dust looks like my kind of game, it's a shame they don't advertise these games a lot more, as by clicking on these types of articles is how i come across them.

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