Hideo Kojima Tweets New Image Of Snake In Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

If you saw the extended gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, many people thought Snake was getting old. Hideo Kojima has posted a new image of Snake showing he’s not as old as he looks.

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fanboygamer1923d ago

I am sure there are 100's of other duplicate stories on N4G.

Lord_Sloth1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )


gaffyh1922d ago

Is it just me or does his head look HUGE!

RowSand1922d ago

lol...yes..i--was--thinking..t h--same

RowSand1922d ago

that--s-adjustable--dont..worr y---lol

Heavenly King1922d ago

because of the perspective, and also he does not have eyebrows, lol. So it looks like his forehead is huge!

KimoNoir1923d ago

im sure solid snake wears an eye patch.

TronEOL1923d ago

That's Big Boss (Naked Snake), not Solid Snake.

KimoNoir1922d ago

lol youve gotta be a dumbass to think i was seriously saying snake wears an eye patch.

vortis1923d ago

Solid got microwaved, not eye-poked.

Kronus1923d ago

the original naked snake(Big Boss) was burned but never died the fact that the villain could be the original big boss and the main character is a clone just like solid and liquid could lead to a super shocker when the game comes out. if you play MGS 1 and read the briefing section (the 2nd game) it tells you what happen to big boss and the last words he told solid snake at the end. cant wait for this game to open up more Metal Gear series.

Fez1922d ago

I guess you're talking about Metal Gear 2 where you play Solid Snake who at the end of the game has to create a make-shift flame-thrower to beat Big Boss. That was like the 90s, this game is set before then. There's only one Big Boss.

SovereignSnaKe1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

-I am DYING for the English Voiced Trailer! then a whole new round of voice analysis and character speculation beings (well for the Burned Man and his Jeep Driver anyway!!! ^_^

(The real fans know Big Boss when we see him, and that is Chico in the Puppy Pen! The Portable games are great, and are pertinent to the Metal Gear Story arc! :)

Summons751922d ago

Honestly I want a English trailer just to hear David Hayter take the reigns as Snake once again. No one else will ever be able to pull off a Snake character like him.

SovereignSnaKe1922d ago

-That too, it's just not the same Hearing him say "Kept ya waiting Huh?" In Japanese! I think I'm going to faint when he says that in English! LOL! ^_^

vortis1922d ago

Usually I prefer Japanese voice overs in most games (usually the quality is better) but Metal Gear is one of the rare series where I actually love Hayter as Snake, he does a perfect job and I can't even imagine anyone else taking over for him.