8 of the best PS1 classics that shaped PlayStation history

OPM UK writes: settle down class, and welcome to a PlayStation history lesson. We look at the games that helped the PS One rise to dominance.

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WilliamH1840d ago

I think Resident Evil 1 is the most important, released in 1996 it was the first grown up game released.

FinaLXiii1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


the "grown up" games already were on PC.

WilliamH1840d ago

On a console idiot, fuck pc

Octo11840d ago

I work with a few people that game exclusively on PC and they are a cool bunch. They don't judge or make fun of me because I exclusive play on a console. So all in all I don't think all PC gamers are elitist f%$ks. Then this guy ^^ rears his head -_-

Sizzon1840d ago

Some good picks, but I would like to add Crash, Spyro, Rayman, Twisted Metal and Tomb Raider etc.

Tontus1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

That's an awful list by OPM. 1) Gran Turismo. 2) Crash. 3) Spyro 4) Oddworld. 5) Tomb Raider. 6) Wipeout. 7) Rayman. 8) MediEvil.

KrimsonKody1840d ago

Such a trash list.

& why does it seem that people are afraid to mention Metal Gear at times?
Metal Gear Solid evolutionize what was possible not only on the PlayStation, but in video games as a whole.

A game that is self-conscience of the gamer playing.
Getting your key card hot or cold.
Switching controllers.
Tons of Easter eggs & secrets.

All of these things has changed how gamers see & play games.

Hozi891840d ago

My List of Top 8 PS2 Classics that revolutionized Gaming!

1. Final Fantasy 7
2. Resident Evil 2: Directors Cut
3. Syphon Filter
4. Crash Team Racing
5. Metal Gear Solid
6. Tekken 3
7. Spyro the Dragon
8. Gran Turismo 2

KrimsonKody1839d ago

Totally agree;
I could play any one of those games today & still enjoy them.
I remember playing Tekken 3 for days!

Hozi891839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I meant to say PSX/PS1 Classics.


Yes, BAT was awesome and so was Soul Blade.

Ben_Grimm1840d ago

I would replace Tekken with the 1st Battle Arena Toshinden.

Bathyj1840d ago

I loved that game. I was way into in more than Tekken. But Tekken did become my favourite later.

BAT 2 was awesome. Remember Vermilian I think it was. Tall skinny dude in Black with a shotgun?

Ben_Grimm1840d ago

That guy was the best secret character ever. I still reme,ber unlocking him and that creepy stage he was on.

But seriously, what was his story?

Wiki time!

Octo11840d ago

LOL. I just picked up Battle Arena Toshinden a few weeks ago simply for nostalgia purposes :D

Bathyj1839d ago

Oh by the way, love your avatar.

Still think Kurt Russell would make a great Snake. He already has, and depending on the story and timeline he might not be to old at all. He was fkn great in Deathproof.

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