It's Not Easy Being a PC Gamer - Boomtown Editorial

"PC gaming is not dead. But it's got a nasty cough that makes one worry for the future. This is one PC gamer who is becoming a multiformat console gamer. I wonder if the same has happened to you?"

-- Harry Neary

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bloodshed3666d ago

if pc gaming does ever die i'm through with games

Gorgon3665d ago

Sad for you, my friend.

ar3666d ago

The pc game sales always declines in the beginning of a new console generation.
Yes pc gaming is more expensive but it is also always cutting edge.

Statix3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

The hardware may or may not be cutting edge, but the same can't be said for the games (hint: Innovation and variety).

Tempist3666d ago

If devs really want to save PC gaming, the simple fast answer is to cut back on game requirements. I'm not saying make poor looking games, but don't expect people to shell out $500 every year on hardware to play a $45 game.

High end graphics do not always equal a great high end gaming experience.

led10903666d ago

this article is so old it says that crysis sales are bad and yestwe god the news the forgy silve

M0rt3n3666d ago

... because I dont want to spend lots and lots of money on upgrading my PC, when I can buy a much cheaper console where the games look the same or much better.

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