Why Is There No Capcom In Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

Kotaku claims to have spoken with insider sources at Nintendo, who attribute the lost exclusivity of Resident Evil 4 to Nintendo reconsidering the inclusion of Capcom characters in Brawl. RE4 was originally meant to be exclusive to the Gamecube, but concerns over sales led Capcom to release the title on PS2, and later on PC, with additional content.

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slapshot633727d ago

The first line of this story makes NO sense...

I Call 9MM3727d ago

I don't want to sound like some sort of Nintendo hater, because I'm not, but when it comes to situations like this, Nintendo tends to always seem to be a little whiney. Sure, it would have been nice for Nintendo to exclusively have RE4 on their GameCube back in the day, but come on, Capcom needs to make a profit too. When there are like 120 million PS2s out there versus 20-30 million GameCubes, and the GameCube demographic is mostly (but not exclusively) a younger audience, it is the smart thing to do. Nintendo essentially made a few too many comprimes with the gamecube and hurt developer relations with the N64 to really warrant full, exclusive support from any company except 1st and 2nd parties really. So really, Nintendo should be mad at themselves for creating the situation back then and welcome back developers with open arms. "Sure, let's bring in [insert favorite Capcom charcter(s)] for Brawl. Sorry about the lackluster Gamecube sales, we understand why our exclusivity deal last generation broke off. At least we are doing better now".

Yeah, Nintendo's feelings get hurt just a little too easy sometimes. Look at the current fiasco with GoldenEye.

I Call 9MM3726d ago

Also, I haven't heard anything about this idea, given that Nintendo's online system right now is not that advanced and they don't exactly have the most storage on their system, but it could be possible that more characters will become downloadable as time goes on. Characters like Mega Man or Leon could be added in at a later date. I don't see why this would be problem at all, though I won't hold my breath for it. I know Nintendo is a little slow with the whole idea of downloadable content for games, but you can always hope.

kira9893726d ago

I started reading your first comment expecting to bash you but you are absolutly right...

As for the downloadable characters, they can barely get down this online thing, if they do decide to make DLC i wouldnt expect it any time soon, if at all...

And Kudos on your comment..

I Call 9MM3726d ago

Yeah, that is the true part about the Wii I don't like is it's online component and what they are doing with it. Nintendo really could do some great and wonderful things if they really used their online capabilities to their fullest potential.

Take Smash Brothers Brawl for example. The Wii is always connected to the internet, as long as it has a connection to it. Whether on or off, the Wii is always online (am I right?). So, let's say a few weeks after the game came, and many players will have already unlocked all the characters, a message pops up saying "Incoming fighter" the next time the game is loaded. WTF? will pop into most gamers heads. "Didn't I get every character already?". The Wii knows you have Super Smash Brothers and downloaded you a new character. Maybe the character automatically unlocks, maybe you have to complete some new challenges, whatever. The point is you got a new character and you didn't have to do a single thing. No searching through a menu and downloading characters one by one. The Wii did it for you. Maybe he/she/it came with a new level as well or something else.

Anyway, this continues on for a few weeks/months after the game came out. ~4-8 new characters in total where released with a few other bonuses (levels, challenges, mini-games, remixed tournament layouts, whatever). By now most players have gotten a taste of what downloadable content could be, and they want more. Months after release, a new expansion pack comes out. This one is not free, but it includes a ton of new content. New costumes, new characters, etc.. etc... Nintendo could be hyping people up with free content and then really excite them with big updates. These updates would have to be major, since I believe (but don't quote me) Smash Brothers has online play, and that could separate out people into too many different groups if many smaller packs came out that weren't free and automatic (like a Capcom Fighter pack, or a Konami Pack, or a Square pack, etc...).

This is the kind of creativity I expect from Nintendo. Hopefully future games will see stuff like this. The only real problem is storage. I know it takes SD cards, but the most those go up to is 4 gigs. I know SDHC cards can hold more, but I don't know if the Wii will take them. And I don't think USB hard drive support is there yet.

Lord_Ash3726d ago

Mega man would fit perfectly.

Anyway I don't think there is a satiation between Nintendo and Capcom cause I believe Nintendo had something to do with the new Monster Hunter going exclusively for the Wii, so anything that happened in the past is probably under the bridge.

Cartesian3D3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

they didnt make any HERO like character .

the character that many gamers KNOW his/her name not just play it..

just compare RE charcters with MGS , there is no way in hell that u play MGS series and forget SNAKE and his character ..

but I played many RE games (1,2,3,4) but I didnt remember their names.

they must MAKE a series based on 1 or 2 MAIN character , so there u are!!

TwissT3726d ago

What about Megaman he is from Capcom is he not? He would have been a great addition to the game, but I do see what you are coming from the only character name I remember from RE4 is Leon. ( I think its Leon )

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