Blu-ray winning in Europe

Europeans together own more that 55,000 HD DVD players and Xbox 360 add-on drives, it has emerged, but that total pales beside the number of PlayStation 3s sold over here: 750,000.

Market watcher Understanding and Solutions - which has long vociferously forecast Blu-ray's victory in the format war - provides the figure for standalone players, though the number of Xbox HD DVD drives comes from Screen Digest. Both figures arrive via a story in US publication Home Media Magazine.

U&S has another stat: during 2007, BD media outsold HD DVD by a ratio of three to one, with Blu-ray passing the million disc mark in November of that year.

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Counter_ACT3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

"but that total pales beside the number of PlayStation 3s sold over here: 750,000."

The PS3 sold a million in Europe AGES ago. It's up to like, 3 million now isnt it? lol.

DJ3732d ago

It's supposedly 5 million (huge amount were sold during the holidays).

The Bloody BladeMart3732d ago

the official successor of Betamax

Neurotoxin3732d ago

Why is news like this still being approved. Blu-Ray has basically won the battle, wooopy doo.

Its like posting news about Football results from last year.

meepmoopmeep3732d ago

it isn't over until it's officially over... done, kaput, fat lady singing

Neurotoxin3732d ago

True enough. But does anyone really care that much?

meepmoopmeep3732d ago

the only ones that care more than others are ps3 owners, pretty much, that's the only thing "gaming" that has to do with blu-ray

Lord_Ash3732d ago

It's not like anyone really cares but I want to see if there will ever be a twist in this tale (although I highly doubt it).

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TH3 GAM33732d ago

Posting this isn't news since everybody already knows Blu-Ray is winning in every region now.

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The story is too old to be commented.