Lights, Camera, Party! Review

Players ravenous for a Move-enabled title are likely to find that Lights, Camera, Party! offers only a few evenings of spirited fun before the tides of tedium swell.

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JRPGLuva2117d ago

Looks like the lights and camera are there, but not the party.

AngelFuria2117d ago

I like the title and that is about it. Good review!

RaptorMan2117d ago

$15 isn't bad, but $30? Get the fark outta here!

madmad2117d ago

So does it have a board game like Mario Party?

CharmingMan2117d ago

Nope, you complete to build a house in three rounds.

Yep, kind of weak.

sharpsword2117d ago

It's got monkeys, which means at least a C.