The Best Selling PC Games of all Time

There are many PC games that have sold incredibly well such as SimCity 300 at 5 million units or Guild Wars at 6.5 million units, but there are only 5 that can be called the top 5 best sellling PC games of all time

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Farsendor12020d ago

missing world of warcraft

spurgeonryan2020d ago

I would say that WoW is a big game to miss.

EL Lanf2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Of course they're going to miss is it, because this pathetic excuse of an article is using wikipedia entirely as it's source. I'm not bashing wiki here at all, because at least the wikipedia article listing the games by sales actually mentions the important part - doesn't include 'sales from digital distribution stores (such as Steam, Direct2Drive, etc.) are omitted as a result of the NPD Group and similar organisations being unable to accurately track these sales'

Considering the modern face of PC gaming that is an absolutely huge omission. It'd be like excluding console games sales from US store Gamestop or UK retailers GAME (and almost identical sister store - Gamestation).

It is kind of ironic though, that digital distrubtion has made sales data almost impossible to obtain, when it in theory would be very easy compared to retail.

TL;DR worthless list is worthless

2pacalypsenow2020d ago

you can download it for free

Coach_McGuirk2020d ago

i can't believe he called Battlefield 1942 a failure..

2pacalypsenow2020d ago

sims 1 or 2 didnt have DLC they had expansion packs which was much better than DLC

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

lol 3 hardcore games. wiki though?