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TellTale Blames SCEE For TWD Episode 3 Delay

If you’ve been eagerly following the terrific tale that is The Walking Dead episodic game, but happen to live in Europe, you probably wondered where the third episode was after it released last week in the US. - PSLS (PS3, Telltale Games, The Walking Dead: Episode 3 "Long Road Ahead")

Foolsjoker  +   686d ago
Man, it would suck to just have played Ep2 of TWD and not know when ep3 is available.
doctorstrange  +   686d ago
Carl_Shocker  +   685d ago
Obviously...SCEE are just plain terrible

I hope to god Sony have a worldwide PSN update with the PS4...the Xbox 360/PC can do it so why can't Sony.
r21  +   685d ago
Agreed, Global PSN store with PS4 would be fantastic than the troublesome split stores between Europe, US and Asia.
ftwrthtx  +   685d ago
I'm glad I don't live across the pond.
AusRogo  +   685d ago
Since the game is banned in Australia, I shouldn't be bothered , but I am. SCEE are really pushing it. They give no reason or update as to why no Counter Strike (which I may have to get on 360 but don't want to because most my mates are on PS) and now The Walking Dead? They're terrible at managing the content. Oh well. Can't wait to.import this when its goes retail next month :D
GenericNameHere  +   685d ago
Wait! Just last week, everyone praised SCEE for having over 100 PS1 classics for the Vita, and HIGHLY CRITICIZED SCEA for having just 9 PS1 classics. NOW, everyone is criticizing SCEE?? And I thought the US PS Blog was horrible...
doctorstrange  +   685d ago
They need to globalise their system, so everyone gets the game on time, everyone gets 100 classics...

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