Top 4 Video Game Companies that Fear Money

Pixels or Death's Joseph Rush writes about the top four game companies that fear giant piles of cash. From a Pokemon MMO to Half-Life 3, he explores the missed opportunities associated with these companies refusing to make vast sums of money.

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ziggurcat2089d ago

MMO's are garbage, so skipping out on a pokemon MMO (which is already a terrible game to begin with) is probably a really smart decision...

Treian2089d ago

tell that to the 9.1 million subs that play WoW

eon02089d ago

and the millions upon millions who buy Pokemon

2088d ago
Ranma12089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

SE are just stupid.

Otherwise they would have made an FF game with a good story by now, like how Squaresoft used to.

They would have made KH3, FF7 remake, Chrono Trigger 2 e.t.c

over the FF13 sequels we got

Treian2089d ago

FF7 doesn't need a remake. The game is fine how it is. Versus 13 should be the main priority...:P

eon02089d ago

Versus XIII will never happen.

iamnsuperman2089d ago

I am not sure how Nintendo fear money. All Nintendo has done recently is (quite fair for a company) to try and maximise their profit.

Valve not releasing Half Life 3 is interesting. I think the reason they haven't is because the FPS has evolved quite a considerable amount since the last half life game. I do not see another Half Life game until this market starts to decrease.

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