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Adera: Can it Save Microsoft and Revive PC Gaming?

Adera's game mechanics are so advanced that they've been patented. It may hcange the way we play games, but can it save Microsoft's reputation? Microsoft is publishing award-winning developer HitPoint's newest game, Adera, for use with Windows 8. A critical analysis follows. (Bill Gates, Casual games, Culture, Dev, E3, HitPoint Inc., Industry, Microsoft, Next-Gen, PC, Tech, Windows 8, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

JsonHenry  +   937d ago
Does the PC need reviving? Last time I checked PC gaming related profits were at record highs.
Hatsune-Miku  +   937d ago
For pc gaming to be saved then pc devs should optimize games to work with the best pc parts today and stick to those specs or close for at least three years. Pc specs today are able to achieve realistic graphics ,ai, physics and all sorts. Console devs do it and I'm sure pc devs can also. I don't mind buying gtx 690 graphics cards and such but its a turn off to a lot of consumers that feels like they need to constantly upgrade to play certain games coming in the near future
JsonHenry  +   937d ago
I just bought a GTX 680 last friday after running a 5870 since the very first day it was in stock at newegg.com. It has been able to play every game at max settings @1920*1080 since then. That was 3 years ago. So I'm not sure what you are talking about. Obviously if you bought a low end video card 3 years ago then I understand you need to upgrade just about every year. But if you buy a high end video card you rarely have to upgrade more than once every 2 years.
CmonBeReal   936d ago | Spam
Reving pc gaming is like trying to revive this poor guy..

@faraany33k below:

So true! Xbox live is supposed to be xbox/pc games on windows 8. Everything says buy for xbox! even l4d2 & minecraft! They want pc gaming to die because they have no idea how to be successful at it. Leave all that avatar bullsh!t for kiddy xbox gamers & don't put pc games on xbox.com!.

The Illuminati controls the console world.

also sony is making planetside 2 & whatever MS is making I am 90% sure it will be a casual game + better port for xbox. The studio that makes the game is known for making casual, social & mobile games. http://www.hitpointstudios....

nothing to see here.
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NexGen  +   937d ago
At first I was surprised by this article headline...until I saw it was from rant gaming. They are quickly becoming the HHG of online news.
mewhy32  +   937d ago
Save Microsoft? Uhhhh last time I checked both Microsoft and Sony were doing quite well. As for PC gaming? Well let's see??? Diablo3, World of Warcraft, Knights of the Old Republic, Drakensang Online, Lord of the Rings Online...and on and on...I don't think it needs reviving LOL.
KMCROC54  +   937d ago
But one more game can't hurt either
markoghc  +   936d ago
I totally agree. PC gaming does not need reviving. On the other hand, Windows 8 is not even out yet officially, and it already looks like it will be a flop of Windows Vista proportions, at least on PC. One game probably won't be enough to make people switch from their favorite OS to Windows 8.
Burnin  +   936d ago
I´ve been using an overcloked HD 5850 (@850MHz 1200MHz) ever since they came out & it was only after playing BF3 that I´m considering an upgrade (even though it runs smoothly @ +40 FPS everything on High)

And yes, this was 3 years ago! And I bet that the so called "next-gen" will be no grater than my current gaming rig
ATi_Elite  +   936d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
1. PC Gaming is alive and well as ALWAYS! So much alive and well that consoles are NO longer consoles but instead are just low end PC's and next Gen Sony/MS boxes will have more MMO's and online DRM just like PC's.

2. Microsoft is NOT PC Gaming. MS turned their back on PC Gaming a long time ago.

3. I along with many other PC Gamers and PC Devs really do not care too much for Microsoft as a PC Dev. Sure Win7 is great but looking at MS as a PC Dev, Microsoft Flight and that's about it!

Also Valve along with many other Devs are making a strong push to eliminate the need for a Microsoft OS and DirectX to play PC Games. The PC is an "OPEN" platform and will not be manipulated by one company.

YES Microsoft dominates the PC but as far as Gaming goes MS only supplies DirectX to insure a MS OS on your PC but that is about to change.

4. Windows 8 is gonna suck! MS is trying to lock down the PC and turn it into something they can easily control.

If they plan on running Xbox360 games on the PC then I kinda understand the lock down but if they don't then Win8 is just trash!
Bladesfist  +   936d ago
Actually a lot of us PC devs would not be around without Microsoft. Most of us utilize Microsoft Visual Studio as are IDE of choice and Direct X 11 as are API of choice. Without MSDN a lot of us would not have learnt how to code . Microsoft has done a lot for game development.
faraany33k  +   937d ago
No actually MS is trying way to hard to kill off PC gaming, but somehow failed miserably over the years.
Dread  +   937d ago
How is it that MS "is trying way to hard to kill off PC gaming"

please exaplain, if you actually have a real reason besides hating on MS just like all the fanboys here at N4G.
aliengmr  +   936d ago
Not trying to kill it, but certainly trying to control it like they control the Xbox. GFWL was their attempt to gain control of the PC gaming market but it failed right out of the gate so they stopped trying.

Their eyes are on the mobile market now.

But no, they were never trying to kill PC gaming.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   937d ago
I agree with Dread. Please faraany33k, please explain how MS is trying to kill off PC gaming?
faraany33k  +   934d ago
I dont know if you are into PC gaming, because clearly you are being delusional if you think MS is not killing PC gaming.

Firstly they released only the parts of there franchises GEARS and HALO , and never bother bringing the sequesl. CAn you tell me why?

Secondly they killed PC centric Studios like Ensemble the makers of one of the greatest RTSes of all time AGE OF EMPIRES and Microsoft Flight Sim.

Then they redeveloped these games under Pay2Win model and basically humiliated the PC comunity with these sub standard games.

Plus they make exclusive deals with DEVS force them not to realaese PC games either all together or timed Exclusive.

Alan Wake says HI. The Indie games that came after years like Braid,Limbo, Super Meat Boy and many others.

Plus GFWl is a service they haven't updated for 4 years now, and released a single game in 4 years on there own WINDOWS platform.

What do you expect me to say??
Lvl_up_gamer  +   934d ago
Halo was left on consoles so that MS could push more consoles out on the market. It makes perfect sense to try and help promote their system. Don't forget halo came out on the consol first before it went to pc. Gears is an epic ip so it was them who decided to not bring gears 2 or 3 to pc, and with all the pirating and gears 1 selling only about a million copies....it made sense that there just wasn't a market for their game on pc.

They didn't kill ensamble studios. They were relocated within other divisions. PC still got flight simulators this year and as great as age of empires was, sales were going on the decline due to piracy. Why would a corporation dump millions of money into a game that will get highly pirated?

Where is your proof that MS make deals with devs to force them not to release pc games? Even your argument makes no sense...If MS made a "deal" with devs, then the devs are not being forced to do anything, they are the ones that made a deal.

Alan Wake still made it to Pc so again you have no argument.

You said MS is KILLING PC gaming but all you have stated is that MS has shifted their OWN focus from PC gaming to console gaming. Your argument implies that MS is killing ALL PC gaming which is a gross exageration. MS was NEVER a major contributor to PC gaming. PC gaming right now has never been better and MS isnt even involved in it.

You are wrong. MS isn't killing PC gaming, MS just chose to focus more on their own consoles.
Jreca  +   937d ago
So a single game can save an entire platform? I don't buy this. And even less from Microsoft.
SKUD  +   937d ago
Have to disagree here. Halo litterally saved the xbox platform. Without its release at that point in time no other game had the potential to carry it into homes. Halo meant you were playing xbox. Credit were credit is due to bungie. It made them icons on the platform.
Allsystemgamer  +   937d ago
Halo is the only reason I own an Xbox. Each game in the series feels fresh and new unlike gears :/ sadly I wish I could say the same for gears but I can't. They are good games but IMHO not system sellers.

Halo 4 is looking to be the best in the series and quite possibly the best fps this gen in content alone.

I mean...
So far 38 confirmed helmet variations plus chest, forearm, shoulder, visor, poses leg armor, emblems

Custom maps
Online multiplayer with over 12 game types and maps

Spartan ops every week

Multiple new weapons ad vehicles

10 hour replayable campaign with up to 4 people

It's content is massive and that's all I personally know
Allsystemgamer  +   937d ago
Halo is the only reason I own an Xbox. Each game in the series feels fresh and new unlike gears :/ sadly I wish I could say the same for gears but I can't. They are good games but IMHO not system sellers.

Halo 4 is looking to be the best in the series and quite possibly the best fps this gen in content alone.

I mean...
So far 38 confirmed helmet variations plus chest, forearm, shoulder, visor, poses leg armor, emblems

Custom maps
Online multiplayer with over 12 game types and maps

Spartan ops every week

Multiple new weapons ad vehicles

10 hour replayable campaign with up to 4 people

It's content is massive and that's all I personally know

Too bad it's not on pc
nofallouthero  +   937d ago
when did the pc need reviving
ReDDeaDDan  +   937d ago
I wouldn't use a mac if I was given one! PC and MS are my old friends that I will always stand by thick and thin.
Allsystemgamer  +   937d ago
I hate macs

Being in college an seeing em everywhere is really gross.

They ask "why don't you have one"

My answer? My pc can do more for less

They say virus

Me? Never had one cuz I'm not stupid :3
Burnin  +   936d ago
indeed... & who gets viruses now days anyway?

You would have to be a porn-freak or a lousy pirate to get one
vega275  +   937d ago
i agree with your comment on PC it is my best friend. MS on PC games meh not so much. i just want them to do better by GFWL then they have. i support the 360 i just can't support GFWL right now. hopefully that will change
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taquito  +   937d ago
lol....pc gaming makes more money than ps3/360/vita/psp combined

consoles are the ones in the toilet with garbage profits, slumping sales, and people moving on to pc and mobile gaming because consoles look awful, run terrible and have jaggies everywhere

hopefully the wiiu u saves consoles!
Gordon_Shumway  +   937d ago
Care to post a single link backing up that mindless rant? Didn't think so.
taquito  +   937d ago
ohhh....i'll link it;


its a fact, console games sell like garbage except for 2 or 3 titles a year

so besides activision, who's making money in consoles, why do you think devs are leaving big pubs and starting indie shops, theres no money in consoles anymore, they are washed up, outdated, restrictive
Gordon_Shumway  +   937d ago
You have to be retarded, or just trolling. That link is only hardware, and lumps all PC's together, having nothing to do with gaming. Of course more PC's are sold than just video game consoles. You fail.
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FredEffinChopin  +   935d ago
He meant post a link relevant to what you guys were talking about, not a totally random one....
Loggie  +   937d ago
This article completely fails. Talking about the game being shrouded in secrecy and only one screenshot being available? You can get the freaking game for free on the windows 8 store!
markeggertsen  +   936d ago
Fails huh? Does it "epic fail," too? Interesting that you say the game is available at thge Windows 8 store since it has a release date of October 26th.

The cmpnay has been very secretive, particularly with screens, until the Penny Arcade expo, at least.
KMCROC54  +   937d ago
First day but no matter what format.
3-4-5  +   936d ago
ahh Rant's umpteenth article this week about games needing " SAVING" r " REVIVING " or " THey're dead "

Rant is obsessed with Death and Saving things.

They should save themselves and shut that trash site down.
Burnin  +   936d ago
seriously? another "PC gaming is dying" article?

These articles are always written by console fan-boys to entertain console fan-boys... We PC gamers know better & we couldn´t care less

Hell, I´ve been gaming on the PC ever since Wolfenstein 3D & it just keeps getting better & better
markeggertsen  +   936d ago
Nah --

No console fanboy-ism here. I was weaned on an Amiga. No idea how long you've been a gamer, but compared to the glory days of the early 1990s, PC gaming is not at all what it used to be. No one said it's "dying," either. It does need to be revived to ba able to compete with console/mobil gaming, however. Also, Microsoft needs a nice product and campaign to keep up with Apple, particularly in the hardware market.
Redgehammer  +   931d ago
Oh, Shadow of the Beast, Out of This World, It Came from the Desert, and anything by Bitmap Brothers, how I remember you all so fondly. CBM, oh how I still despise thee. And can we ever forget the Video Toaster? My Amiga used to make me laugh at console gamers. I also loved the 80's, poking and peeking on the C64.. good times. Although I loved those days of my youth, I must say gaming in my middle age is pretty darn awesome, as well.

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