PS4 the features – 25 most wanted (wishful thinking)

Reports predict that the PS4 might release as soon as 2013. We hope these 25 features will make the cut. Some of these features are improving what the PS3 already did while other features extend the possibilities.

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VideoGameGuru2055d ago

I hope they put a lot of your list into the PS4..we can hope.

Senzazu2055d ago

Well I certainly hope so, cheers!

black9112054d ago

Google Chrome Web Browser

ABizzel12054d ago

I agree with most, but a few are iffy.

1. I doubt 4k will be for gaming, and if so it will be as rare as the current 1080p @ 60fps 3D games running on PS3.

3. I understand why region differences are there, but I too wish they were gone especially on PSN. People know what they're getting into by ordering something from a different country, so put up a warning, but let us buy from those stores.

4 & 5. Lag has more to do with devs. & coding than console alone, but the less lag the better, and that goes for online servers as well.

6. I can't agree anymore. While Xbox Dashboard is filled with advertisements, it's not problematic (like Youtube), and it's bringing in free money. The XMB is efficient for getting you to your media, but it needs to be replaced. I would love to have a new OS (PS Home should be the PS4 OS IMO) while having the XMB running in the background like it currently does for games. That way everyone has a PS Home account which will bring in advertisers, and give Home more developer support. Home is actually decent now so if you haven't been in a while go check it out.

7. Sony and Google are buddies. Get Chrome for your browser.

8. PS Vita has it, PS4 will.

10 - 13. This will get PS move involved in ESports, as well as give competitive gamers a reason to spend the lives online.

17. Mods will put the PS4 ahead of all the other consoles. Unreal Tournament did it, and it was great. LBP, ModNation, and inFamous 2 did it and it was great. It's a great way to give your games more life especially multiplayer games. However, to prevent a spam fest or game breaking mods, have people obtain a license to make mods.

20. It's really up to the devs. If the dev has a PC version it's possible to make it compatible with the PS3. I know Portal, Dust, DC Univers (I believe) and a few other games have done this and it works.

21. Doubt it, maybe PS Vita.

22. Gaikai

Senzazu2054d ago

Thank you for that awesome comment. I don't think that Gaikai will be the solution for the PS4. Maybe the transition between PS4 and PS5 but pysical media is still very important and thats why I think it would be very very important for Sony to incorporate this in the PS4.

ABizzel12054d ago

No problem it was a good and well thought out article.

As far as Gaikai, I really believe that's the only way you're going to get backwards compatibility.

1. It saves money. Sony cut PS2 BC out of the PS3 to save money on the Slim model, and there's no reason to think it won't happen to the PS4. It may have BC in the early models, but more than likely that feature will be cut out for the PS4 slim.

2. It makes PS+ a must. If you want BC and Gaikai only comes to PS+ (as it should) then that's going to get a lot of people on board for PS+. I honestly don't understand why everyone doesn't have a PS+ account by now, I guess some people are just slow (take that as you will). But Gaikai should be a PS+ exclusive feature simply because it cost to keep those servers up and running, and Sony's finances are shaky at best, so they need a way to cover the price of Gaikai.

3. Gaikai currently runs games in 720p @ 30fps which is what over 90% of PS3 games run at, so there's no massive loss. They'll have to work in those games that run at 1080p (not a problem if you drop the resolution) or 60fps (this is where the problem comes in), but for the most part everything transfers, and there's already a decent library on Gaikai now.

4. Sony's new business Strategy is "taking you media everywhere". THey want you to play your games on the go, and move them from one system to another if it's powerful enough to run them. But with Gaikai the only thing that matters is if the connection is powerful enough to run the games making hardware less of a factor. Streaming is the future of gaming like it or not, and Gaikia can stream games, and has the potential to stream movies, music, and more.

mamotte2054d ago

"1. I doubt 4k will be for gaming, and if so it will be as rare as the current 1080p @ 60fps 3D games running on PS3."

I dont think it'll be as rare as having a 4k TV in every home to play the game properly.

GribbleGrunger2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I see Gaikai as a bridge myself. I honestly believe that we'll get PS4 game demos on PS3 through it and full PS3 games for the PS4 through it too... and of course PS2/PSP/PS1 games and probably SOE games.

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