5 Things Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony Can Do To Win Next Gen (Part 1 Nintendo)

In's 3 part discussion into what Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony need to do to "win" next generation we will take a in-depth look at everything the companies have to offer. From Services, exclusive games, games they need to make, marketing, and features we will identify 5 core "things" each company needs to do to win next generation.

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GribbleGrunger2025d ago

mmmmmmmm... I think that headline can only lead to a draw

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fermcr2024d ago

Nintendo already won (sales, not games quality) this generation, in the handheld and home console market.

ChunkyLover532024d ago

Well Nintendo does have the best reviewed and best selling games this generation. Wii's games might not all be masterpieces, but anyone can look at games like Mario Galaxy and see nothing but quality. Lack of HD doesn't diminish anything Nintendo has done. They have had an utterly amazing and dominating performance this generation, both in handheld and home console markets.

jagstatboy2024d ago

I'm still pissed we never got a Starfox for the Wii.

Freakazoid20122024d ago

Sorry I really don't buy it. Out of all their franchises the only 2 that didnt get a Wii release are F Zero and Star Fox.Yet if they had released those 2 and not, say Punch Out or DKC, it would be those 2 that people want so bad.

Kinda like the guy yesterday who posted how Mario doesnt change enough so it is crap but then posts how Zelda changed too much and is now crap. Some people just want a reason to complain.

jagstatboy2023d ago

"Yet if they had released those 2 and not, say Punch Out or DKC, it would be those 2 that people want so bad"

And if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle. What's your point? I loved Starfox on the 64, the Gamecube ones - 1 was ok, the other terrible. The Wii never got one so I'm disappointed. Starfox is popular, it would have sold millions, they should have made one.

morkendo232023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

@ jags its coming to WII-U STARFOX

read it from GAMESPOT.COM up coming wii-U games.