N4G Radio 02/04/2008

This week the crew celebrates their 50th episode with a host of game discussion including Burnout Paradise, Turok, Rez HD as well as diving back into some older titles. They also answer a ton of questions from listeners and discuss the idea of paying forty bucks for a demo.

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Spargo CXVII3759d ago

Great show Guys!!!!!! Do you Guys know anything about Highlander the game????

HeartlesskizZ3759d ago

im still listening to it =D

rowdy 13758d ago

I am now able to listen to you guys from my PS3. I download it to the HDD and then listen while I surf the web or play 360 not bad.

squallsoft3755d ago

Where is the question thread? i have a few for you guys. Btw, awsome show! love listening to you guys in my car on the way to the office!


Conan Librarian3744d ago

Finally started listening after hearing Boogeyman talk about it at work all the time. Awesome show guys- its hilarious!
By the way Zero, I told you Beowulf was garbage- even for an achievement monger like you ;-)
Keep up the good work guys!