PlayTM Reviews Donkey Kong Jet Race

PlayTM writes:

"There's more to Donkey Kong Jet Race than a catalogue of problems though, there's a whole variety of on-track pick-ups, a speed boost special move, all the modes and options you'd expect and it comes presented in a perfectly pleasant if uninspired, brightly coloured cartoon kind of a way. Unfortunately since there's absolutely no fun to be had playing the damn thing who really cares about the window dressing. If you belong to that weird subset of racing game fans who feel their life won't be complete till there's a game that enables you to race around the sky using a control method inspired by a love of percussion instruments then you may possibly eek an evening's worth of entertainment out of this, if you're forgiving. For the rest of us there's nothing to see here, keep on walking, someone will be along soon to sweep up the mess."

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