5 Movies You’ve Got to Check Out This Week While Gaming

There are several movies and television shows to watch while you play video games, and this article looks at some top choices for that. There are many down moments in games, such as cut-scenes, where you can catch parts of your favorite films. This article suggests some movies/dvds to watch while gaming. You will also see our picks for what game you should play while watching!

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UltimaEnder2085d ago

Will definitely watch a couple of these...

TifaLockheart2085d ago

I always love your articles. You are a great inspiration to females trying to break into the entertainment industry everywhere! I was surprised to find all the articles you write--where do you find the time? Between that and your film career? Your amazing.

amandadyar2085d ago

I manage my time well I suppose. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the article.

TifaLockheart2085d ago

I just got finished watching Rec 3. Pretty scary.

Kran2085d ago

"5 Movies You’ve Got to Check Out This Week While Gaming"

Have people ran out of ideas for articles now?