Hideo Kojima's Huge Influence on Cliffy B

DualShockNexus: PAX Prime is over, but that doesn't mean we don't have any news to cover for you all to enjoy. Here at DualShock Nexus, we got an opportunity to check out the Konami party the same day as the Metal Gear Solid Panel and we all made a toast to the legend himself. Gears Of War's Cliff Bleszinski also made an appearance and had a few things to say to the legendary Hideo Kojima as well. We have that information and more from the Konami party.


Turn down your volume. You'll thank me later.

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ab5olut10n2291d ago

It really does come across in his attention to the human details of his characters and his effective use of exposition and I AM SO DRUNK RIGHT NOW HAHAHA

guitarded772291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

2:50 for Cliffy B. The audio is so horrible, I just want to save everyone the trouble of listening to people screaming over Kojima.

On topic, Kojima is an incredible talent, and I also really enjoy Gears... it's my favorite XBOX exclusive (don't bring up the "but it's on PC too" BS... the series is associated with MS, so you know what I mean).

WillGuitarGuy2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Yes, because people want to skip Hideo Kojima thanking us for being there at the event. Sarcasm.

guitarded772291d ago

@ WillGuitarGuy

The headline is "Hideo Kojima's Huge Influence on Cliffy B", so I figured most people showed up to see what Cliffy B had to say about Kojima. I personally can't decipher what the hell anyone is saying in the video with the horrible audio quality... all you can hear is the crackle of the speakers when the crowd yells, and barely anything when someone speaks in the mic. But thank you for using a bubble to set me straight I feel so special.

otherZinc2290d ago

He can influence Cliff all he wants. I'm glad like hell Cliff didn't make Gears Movie with 10 hours of cut-scenes!

I like playing games my way not watching them!

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Soldierone2291d ago

Dang was beat to the sarcastic joke! Its so perfect for it.

Irishguy952291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Ah, so that's why Gears turned out so good/ Best TPS this gen/

Damn..that looks fun

asyouburn2291d ago

CliffyB has good taste in games

AdaptAndOvercome2291d ago

Kojima is my favourite screen writer, director and designer in the gaming industry.

asyouburn2291d ago

Mine as well, I really wish he was directing the movie.

SnakeCQC2291d ago

david cage and kojima are my favourite game industry peeps

flavorbabies2291d ago

I was there in spirit. Actually I was just downstairs. The difference a wrist band can make.

Irishguy952291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

No Cardboard box!?

WillGuitarGuy2291d ago

Funny how a bunch of our friends were telling him that. *goes in with the box*

Konami: Clever guy! You're in!

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