Should Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII be released on Xbox 720 & PS4?

Should Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII be delayed until it can be ported onto next-generation consoles? This is a somewhat valid question considering the game will probably be released around the same time as when the next-gens could release. Would you want the game sooner or later?

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BringingTheThunder1869d ago

nope, square enix will wrap up the trilogy this gen

RuleNumber51869d ago

Yeah I agree, but do you think they would port it over to the next-gens even after the game has been released on PS3 and 360?

DOMination-1869d ago

No. It definitely won't happen.

Godmars2901869d ago

Unless they decide to continue Lightning as an active character.

RuleNumber51869d ago

Has the Wii U released yet? Why am I not playing Project P-100 yet?

TheMasterShake1869d ago

HELL NO this is a trilogy i want to forget forever.

LeonhartX1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

*Comment removed due to people being all serious

Whitefeather1869d ago

This needs to die in this gen and a new FF can bloom on the next gen.

DasBunker1869d ago

No.. it shouldn't even exist in the first place.

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